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Monday, January 28, 2013

Worst Microsoft Products Till Date

Microsoft has given the world a torrent of products that changed the way we used computers. But with its shimmering success and appreciation comes the line of products and criticism that marks precipitation on Microsoft’s timeline. This article sums up few of the Microsoft products that failed to ingrain computer users.

Windows Me

The old Windows Millennium Edition made people curious at its launch and before people could totally adapt it, Windows 2000 was out and people had no affection to stick to ME. And before people could get comfortable with Windows 2000, market was gushed with Windows XP. Windows ME failed to turn out remarkable. A lot of users criticized ME for being unreliable and unstable. Some also named ME as “Mistake Edition”.

Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6’s “least secure web browser” tag and slew of other flaws stabbed Microsoft directly in the chest planting a foot towards its downfall.The security glitches grew so high, that in 2004, US advised computer users to switch to any other web browser to avoid thousands of malwares,viruses, Trojans and worms to breach into your computer through IE6. Because of the severe loopholes in the browser, Internet Explorer’s market share dropped from 82% to 49% in a matter of one year.The browser became a huge target for noobhackers. Other than its weaknesses over security, compatibility was another major issue with IE6.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista was launched in 2007 as a successor of Windows XP.The OS was designed keeping the internet generation in mind leveraging ease of media and file share between home computers. But even after its new approach, swishy UI and other widgets, the OS turn out to be a headache. Early users were frequently troubled by problems of not detecting printer, media files and compatibility issues because the OS was not totally equipped with right drivers. People with older computers who made the switch complained about the processor-hungry Vista making their computer sluggish. Vista quivered Microsoft’s reputation of building solid operating systems.

Microsoft Office Assistant

Windows OS and Microsoft Office Suite are most people’s companion at home or work. Therefore, Microsoft decided to aid Office user very seriously. Microsoft Office Assistant, commonly known as Clippy, is a disturbing pop up, that pops whenever you create a new Word document and postulate user as they start typing with a request to help for which millions of users cried NO.Users find it rather an unhelpful interjection. From Windows XP onwards, Microsoft decided to switch this feature off by default.


Zune was launched in 2006 as an attempt to kill Apple’s “ongoing boom”, the iPod. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as planned. Zune was completely overshadowed by the 5year veteran iPod within its first week of sale. Despite of its extreme marketing campaign and several improvements with time, still Zune was not able to secure any good grade neither fans nor critics.The device is available only in Canada and US.
-Authored by Sarah Bruce. Sarah is an SEO analyst and a Technical Support Specialist. Do visit MyTechGurus for further assistance or any Tech Support related issues or visit our channel on Technical support to help yourself. MyTechGurus is an Independent Remote Technical Support company.

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