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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Are The Best Free Language Apps?

While learning a language can be fun, and come with many benefits at that, it isn’t always cheap. In the efforts to save, there are many interested language students that ditch the traditional language teachers, and instead, opt for language learning through their own efforts, with a little help from the computer. However, even at that, professional language software can still cost a pretty penny. There will always be language students who will constantly look for ways to save money while still being able to learn a language. For these students, a typical question would be: “Are there any free and good language apps that I can download?” The short answer is yes, and we’ve taken the liberty to list some of them out for you.

1. Byki - Byki seems to be a very popular language app, based on the many people that we’ve encountered that have raved about it. Byki’s premise is really simple, as it operates much like a flashcard program does. This may also explain parts of its appeal. Byki allows the user to expand his vocabulary by learning plenty of simple words through association. Byki is also available in several different languages, which makes it great for linguists of different concentrations.

2. Duolingo - Out of all the free language apps, Duolingo is arguably the best structured program. Despite it costing nothing, it really looks like something that you paid good money for. What’s nice about Duolingo is that is has plenty of drills for the user to try out. At any given time, the user can work on his grammar, vocabulary or phrases. However, the downside of Duolingo is that it has very few languages. Duolingo mainly focuses on romance languages and is currently available in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and of course, English.

3. Babbel - Instead of having multiple focuses, Babbel is a language app that is solely dedicated to boosting one’s vocabulary. Babbel is currently available in 7 languages and has about 3000 combined words that users have to use in sentences. An extra perk found in Babbel that is absent in other free language apps is the sound of a native language speaker actually saying the word. Should the user want to learn more, the Babbel app can actually be integrated with web-based courses, although this isn’t compulsory.


If you’ve personally used a mobile app to master a new language, we’d love to hear from you. What did you think of the apps we mentioned above? Do they make it into your top picks too? Do you have other language apps that you recommend or prefer. Give us your feedback and let’s get the discussion rolling.

Guest post by Sam Briones, a freelance writer and also contributes at Technovate Translations. If not writing for the language and culture subject, she's on the keyboard writing about fashion and pop culture.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Benefits Of Using Tablets

In our changing technological times, devices like tablets have become so useful to university students that some programs actually require them.  In fact, the advantages of integrating tablets into classroom situations are so plentiful that textbook manufacturers and government bodies are doing what they can to make them a key tool for students in public schools.  What are the benefits to using a tablet PC if you’re a postgraduate student?  Here are just a few:

  • In programs that require tablets, instructors can augment in-class lectures by sharing useful media through the tablets.  This can facilitate the learning experience and give students a way to interact with digital lecture materials.
  • Tablets also make it easier for you to interact with others.  The most obvious application is in the form of emailing in school assignments.  This saves paper and time and makes it easier for professors to sort and grade papers.  But what’s arguably an even bigger benefit for students is the fact that tablets can assist with teamwork.  IM and social networking programs can help students connect in and out of class to work on their assignments.  During classes with team projects, students can exchange ideas with their teammates during lecture without disturbing class.
  • There are a lot of useful apps you can install on your tablet PC or iPad.  For example, the Dictionary.com app can help with writing papers, while the Page app can assist with formatting papers.  Numbers, another affordable app, is a great alternative to Excel, and a bit more streamlined.  IM+ is an excellent application which allows students to communicate across a number of different IM platforms while running only a single program.  Having access to the World Wide Web can also put other informational sources at your fingertips, so that if something catches your interest while you’re in class or doing your homework, you can look up more information.
  • Virtual textbooks are an up-and-coming thing.  Your school may or may not have started integrating them into the curricula.  If they are available, though, they have a number of great advantages.  They cost less than paper textbooks, they’re easier to carry around, and they also are usually kept up to date by their manufacturers, which saves you from encountering outdated and incorrect information.  This may be especially handy if you are studying in a technical field and want to keep up with new developments.
Perhaps one of the best things about tablets all around is the way they have of creating a more immersive educational environment.  The whole is more than the sum of its parts.  If you actually live in campus, an immersive educational environment is something you are probably already enjoying, but for commuter students, there can be more of a gap between the classroom and the home.  Having a tablet can help you to connect with the classroom and with fellow students when you’re not on campus, which in turn can enhance your college experience and make it easier to learn new material.  And if you do live on campus, a tablet can still provide you with numerous conveniences which can enrich your academic life.
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Blake H. is a freelance journalist and occasional blogger specializing in topics related to business and education. He currently writing on behalf a company offering postgraduate courses.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Is A Smartphone?

The Smartphone devices are popular among the cell phone users all over the world. The question is: what is a Smartphone, and how it is different from the traditional cell phones? A Smartphone device is actually a cell phone which has various, additional features. A Smartphone is built on an operating system which has the ability to perform advanced computing functions and Internet connectivity. The Smartphone was introduced to the concept of combining the functions of the cell phone and a personal digital assistant. The recent models of Smartphones go beyond that and have some additional features which are neither available in the traditional cell phones or in the personal digital assistants such as built-in media players, cameras, and GPS navigation.

Basic Features of the Smartphones

The recent models of Smartphones also include a touch screen feature, a high-resolution, built-in camera, various browsers that also display the standard Websites besides opening the mobile versions of the Websites. With the compatibility for WiFi and mobile broadband, the connectivity of the latest Smartphones is also included in some of the brands of Smartphones. There are various operating systems used in the different brands of these Smartphone devices. Some of the common operating systems are: Apple’s iOS, Android from Google, Symbian from Nokia, BlackBerry from RIM, Windows from Microsoft, Bada from Samsung, and WebOS from HP. The Smartphone market becomes an extremely attractive place for the developers as the interest of people is increasing in these devices.

The Operating System

One of the main features of the Smartphones is the “apps” which is the shortened form of “applications.” These apps are actually a small software that is developed to perform certain tasks such as playing popular games and other professional tasks. The popularity of Smartphone apps is increasing as people want to download an app for any reason such as getting the information of the local weather, or knowing the prices of your favorite stocks. Some of the recent models of Smartphones have the ability to connect to the Internet via 3G which is a high-speed, Internet connectivity service. Keeping in mind the dependence on the Internet is increasing, the developers of Smartphones are also providing different options on Smartphones that are based on the Internet.

Importance of the Memory

Some of these Smartphones have the option of a memory card slot to increase the memory of your device. Some other Smartphones, such as the iPhone from Apple, has a massive, internal memory so you can store movies, music, and large files without buying a memory card. Some of the Smartphones have the ability to support the push email feature which enables the users to send and receive emails in real time. Some other Smartphone devices provide you the facility to sync various email accounts in one service.  Choosing your Smartphone is extremely important as you need to be sure which brand suits you best. The needs of every person are different when they go to buy a Smartphone device; therefore, you need to know why you want to get the Smartphone.

Written By Aaran, S, who has contributed several articles on technology and gadgets to various websites. Currently he is freelancing for MobileRookie.com
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Secure Your Mobile Devices

Many people enjoy the convenience of  public Wi-Fi hotspots. Through them, people can access the Internet using their mobile phones, laptops or tablets. Frequent travelers can stay connected while in airports, hotels and restaurants. However, Wi-Fi users are often unaware of the risks they are exposing themselves to by using these unsecure connections.

Public wireless connections are notoriously easy for hackers and other malicious third parties to exploit. Using data sniffers, they can intercept data packets as the user is transmitting them. This may allow them to get log-in IDs and passwords, financial and credit card information and other personal data. For people who must frequently use public Wi-Fi, it is imperative that they take security precautions. The best way for them to secure their device is through a virtual private network, or VPN.

How a VPN works

A VPN will protect a user’s data as it is communicated through an unsecure connection. It does this by first encrypting all data and then transmitting it securely across the Internet through “tunnels.” It also prevents third-parties from monitoring users’ browsing habits.  When users log onto the Internet using a VPN, they are assigned a virtual IP address. This will mask their actual IP address and allow them to browse with privacy.

Data Encryption Protocols

There are a variety of security protocols that may be offered by VPN service. These protocols determine the method by with data is encrypted and transmitted. The most commonly used VPN protocols are PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN. The protocols vary in their levels of security and speed.
  • PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is the most commonly used of the three. It is native to most devices and is the easiest to set up. It secures the user’s information with 128-bit data encryption. While this is the lowest bit encryption of the protocols, it is still sufficient for protecting all but the most sensitive or classified documents.
  • L2TP/IPsec (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IP security) is a very secure protocol. In addition to offering 256-bit data encryption, this protocol encapsulates data twice. It further secures it with authentication certificates. While the protocol works on most devices, it requires more configuration. This protocol also uses a lot of data resources and may result in a slow connection and a slow device all around. For users who must transmit extremely sensitive data, this protocol is a good option.
  • OpenVPN – This protocol offers fast speeds and 256-bit data encryption. However, it is not compatible with most mobile devices. It is generally only used on desktop machines. Set-up is more complex than with the other protocols as it requires special software to be installed.

Choosing a VPN Service

When selecting from the many VPN service providers, users should look for a company with a history of proven reliability and service. Frequent travelers, in particular, will want to look for a provider that offers multiple servers in global locations. Online reviews are a good place to start when researching different VPN services.

  WI-Fi is extremely convenient. Users who are concerned with data security can continue to benefit from it by securing their device with a VPN.
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Alex Taylor believes the internet should be freely accessible. By using a Virtual Private Network or Netherlands VPN one can access websites from around the world without restrictions. His articles help explain the importance of security on public Wifi and hotspots. The fastest Netherlands VPN Provider can be found at http://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn/netherlands-vpn/.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

How Important Is Airflow In A Server Room?

One of the main challenges in a server room involves being able to keep servers and cabling cool; overheating within a server room can cause significant damage, and can result in expensive repairs. In this context, it’s important to have a range of different options available for improving airflow management, while also checking on the overall environment of a server room, and making use of technologies that can make it easier to reduce damage.

Server rooms can become a danger when multiple stacks and racks of server are crowded together in a small room; depending on the size of the room, and the number of servers, restricted airflow can cause equipment to heat up, making it more likely for it to burn out and lose valuable data. At the same time, overheating can result in humidity and water dripping onto cables; this is a particular problem if servers are stacked too closely together without enough space between them.

When putting together a server room, it’s consequently important to know what the optimum temperature should be for a space, and how to best improve the flow of air around a room to prevent heat from building up. In most cases, you don’t want to go below 10 degrees, or above 28 degrees - a server room that is too cool will produce dryness, and the risk of static damage. Google recommends about 26.7 degrees as an optimum temperature for a server room.

So What About Solutions?

There are many solutions available for creating an airflow management system. Some of these solutions are server based, with racks and cabinets designed with enough space between different shelves and panels; cooling fans can also be installed within racks, while blanking panels can prevent hot air from becoming trapped. Fans on the outside of racks, and on walls, can also help to blow away dust, while proper cable insulation and shielding will prevent a build up of heat.

Other solutions to improving airflow within a server room include air conditioners that can maintain a consistent temperature; some air conditioning units can be used to create cold corridors around server racks. Environmental monitoring sensors can similarly be installed that check for humidity and temperature problems, and can be adjusted to make sure that the right amount of air is circulating in a server room at any time.

It’s also possible to use computer programs to remotely monitor thermal changes within a server room; this approach is particularly useful for identifying hot spots, and for developing audits that can work out where pressure and humidity levels are becoming dangerous. These audits can also be used to decide whether to change the structure of server racks and cabinets, as well as whether to adjust floor tiling and ceiling ventilation.

Another alternative for airflow management, and one that works well if you have limited space for a server room, is to switch part of your server needs to virtual cloud servers. Doing so will reduce the amount of processing power you need on site, and can mean that you don’t have to invest as many resources into cooling down your server rooms. In any case, though, it’s crucial to have some kind of airflow management system in place.
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Rob James loves blogging about which netgear router you should choose, selecting the correct data racks and many other nerdy networking issues.  Rob can often be found tinkering with new equipment and reading up on the latest developments.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Blackberry Z10 Vs Apple iPhone 5

The BB 10 smartphones have been the topic of discussion for a long time. So when the Z10 was released, a large number of tech geeks got their hands on this killer handset. The keyboard-less BlackBerry is will remind you of another popular smartphone: the iPhone 5.

Let’s face it. Apple has apps that are quite frankly the most superior to anything else on the market you could ever find. But suppose you don’t care much about iOS and most of your friends and colleagues use BBM? That’s when the Blackberry Z10 will begin to look a lot better than the latest iPhone.

Let’s see how these smartphone giants stack up against each other.


The 4 inch screen of the iPhone 5 comes with Retina Display that makes everything look bright and sharp. With 1136x640 resolution, the handset offers users 326 ppi. This is pretty great for any smartphone.

The Z10 has a slightly larger screen at 4.2 inches and comes with an LCD display. With 356 ppi,this handset offers higher density than Apple’s latest. Though lacking the sharpness of the Retina Display, the 1280x768 resolution is pretty neat.

With regard to display, both the smartphones are nearly at par with each other.


Apple’s A6 chip powers its latest smartphone while the iPhone 4S has the A5 processor.


It is common knowledge that the iPhone 5 smartphone cameras are absolute wonders. We’re not just talking about the megapixels here. The 8MP camera comes with a host of wonderful features,especially the panorama shot (28 MP).

The Z10 has an 8MP camera too, but it has a separate set of features that you can play around with. One of the best is Time Shift. Enabling it will allow you to take burst photographs, detect the faces and swap them around so that everyone has their best smile in place.

Operating System

Apple’s iOS 6 is a joy to behold because of its killer interface and plethora of app choices. There is no denying the fact that Apple has created a near-perfect ecosystem for its iPhone customers.

The Z10 is not far behind with its spanking new Blackberry 10 OS. Corporate management and seamless messaging is just the tip of the iceberg here. BB10 users can access over 70,000 apps already in place. However, the absence of some large names might be a downer.

At the present moment, you don’t have much of a choice. The Z10 will not be available in stores till March, 2013. If you have the patience to wait, it might just stand you in good stead. If BlackBerry manage to smoothen out the OS and add more apps to its store, then the battle could get interesting.

Moreover, the Z10 is superior if you look at battery performance. It offers 10 hours and 54 minutes as compared to the iPhone 5’s 8 hours and 40 minutes. This could be a defining feature that Z10 could benefit from.

At the end of the day, both are high-end phones that anybody would enjoy using. Put side by side, the iPhone 5 might just come up on top. This is mainly on the strength of its app store and superior camera capabilities.

This is a guest post by Nathan Brown of buyatt.com, a site that offers savings and current information on what is uverse as well as att.com services.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ubuntu Powered Smartphones to Hit the Market in October

Let’s face it! Ubuntu’s newest mobile OS has more than a handful of features to make users fall in love with it. Guess what, I’m one of the many nerds myself! So, what’s hot in the smartphone market? The latest news is that Mark Shuttleworth, the company’s founder and CEO, recently gave some clear-cut information on what the road ahead is like, for the company’s forthcoming array of lineups slated for 2013. In an interview to the Wall Street Journal, Shuttleworth officially announced that the company’s first every native OS-powered smartphone would indefinitely hit the market in October, provided the company’s ongoing preparations are on track without any intermediate delay. As we have seen it on numerous occasions in the past, mobile software launches have come to a halt several times – the most recent being the launch of Blackberry 10. Originally slated to hit the market in 2012, the handset saw the light of the day only last week.

Coming back to our point of discussion, Shuttleworth didn’t have much information for the users in the rest of the chat with the Wall Street Journal. Ubuntu – one of the newest operating systems for smartphones made its nascent presence felt on the ambitious Samsung Galaxy Nexus recently, when the news was announced at last month’s CES 2013 event held in Los Angeles.

In the interview, the company’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth declined to reveal the name of any potential handset that could feature the Ubuntu OS for smartphones in the coming days. Nevertheless that may not rule out expert views – the buzz is that we could soon see Ubuntu’s native OS featuring in any of the flagship devices later this year. After being integrated into the most-anticipated Galaxy Nexus, most developers are now looking to incorporate Ubuntu’s mobile OS in their smartphones.

When prompted again, Shuttleworth finally let the cat out of the bag, not fully though. He said, the promising mobile OS will be making its entry in two major marketplaces later this year – however (yes, you guesses it right!), there is no specific information on it. A hint soon followed.. Shuttleworth said the company is looking at North America as a ‘key market place’ where Ubuntu is most likely to make its debut probably by this fall. As his words suggests, Ubuntu has to overcome some tough competition if it has to make its mark as a leader in the mobile OS space. That’s something interesting to see!

The good news is that, most technical experts who reviewed the Ubuntu OS for smartphones expressed confidence that it will floor some of the major mobile operating systems that exist at present. Experts felt that the stylish user interface and wide array of features could be the key elements that would trigger the success of Ubuntu’s native mobile app.

With the promising Ubuntu all set to make its debut, what are its competitors up to now? Here is what. Telefonica is looking to incorporate the cost-effective Firefox as its OS. Other carriers are also planning to add more features and user-friendly elements in their devices. So the competition is only getting tougher and tougher. Let’s see what kind of impact can Ubuntu’s native OS will make in the smartphone market.


Randy Collins likes writing articles related to Technology News, Gadget Reviews and How To. He also does guest posting for buycharter.com - a site that offers savings and current information on charter internet.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Providing Support Services For The SMB

It’s undeniable that every business needs the support of an IT service no matter how big or small their company is. It is the size of their business as well as the industry that they are in that determines the level of IT support they not only need, but also can afford. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), by providing affordable coverage and support for small and medium businesses (SMB’s), you can create a peace of mind for your clients. If you have any SMB’s for clients, be sure to provide a customized service plan that will provide them with responsive, proactive services and products that will keep their business running smoothly.

As a MSP, you have a lot to offer SMB’s. You are responsible for keeping their employees connected (both onsite and off), you can help them consolidate business when it comes to phone and data usage and costs, and offer protection against information theft, which is a major concern with businesses. MSP’s are essential to small-and-medium sized businesses because MSP’s are the ones who purchase and maintain equipment so that clients don’t have to worry about it. As a result, this helps businesses avoid any upfront costs in maintaining and buying equipment like servers, they don’t have an immediate need for their own full-time IT staff, technology risks are not as big of a concern, and they can expect a more reliable service at a more predictable cost, which means that their money can be funneled into business projects instead.

As a small-or medium-business, growth can be slow or it is a decision to remain small. A small business allows for internal employees (if businesses even have the staffing to do so) to do most of the work, but that isn’t always the most efficient or profitable for the company. Businesses want to be careful about overloading their internal IT staff and when businesses grow, a company’s IT needs sometimes exceeds what the business can handle.

When providing support for SMB’s, there are different things to take into consideration in order to determine what type of services to offer them. Determine the type of business your clients run, where they are located, and the number of employees they have. Once you have determined that, look at their technology. How many computers do they have and what programs are they running? Will they also need support for fax and copy machines?

Next, you need to gain an understanding for why those businesses have a need for a MSP and other ways that you can provide support for them that they might not realize. Some SMB’s already have a small IT department and need them to handle the more important business issues while having someone else free them from the lower task issues such as login help that a MSP can handle. Or maybe they have a need for a MSP because they don’t have any IT personnel at all.

From here, you can work with SMB’s to determine who their current providers are, the amount of onsite services they have versus remote services, determine the amount of satisfaction they currently experience with their technology environment, etc. SMB’s might need help with deploying servers or troubleshoot server problems and other technology and programs. It’s important for SMB’s to remain productive and not lose time and employees to have to recover these issues.

Depending on who your clients are, consider offering services such as unlimited phone and online chat support. You never want your clients to feel like they can’t get help when they need it. Provide next business day repairs or replacements when necessary. Downtime can hurt your clients, and the longer they are without working technology, the more their business is hurting. Offer advanced configuration and deployment support when it comes to major projects. See what type of remote and onsite services they will need. 

Give clients regular assessments so that you both know where you need to make changes in order to keep providing for efficient running of programs and systems.  SMB’s can greatly benefit from the IT services that MSP’s can offer. It takes a lot of the worry out of their hands so they can focus more on business initiatives while still being able to get top-of-the-line support.
Josh Campbell wrote this article on behalf of GMS Live Expert.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Phone Apps To Listen To Popular Music

Smart phones are becoming a way of society now and listening to music on them is very convenient. Nothing like this was ever around 20 years ago. A person can stream music through their cell phones via satellite. Today I am going to talk about the best phone applications to use on your smart phone to listen to music for free. I listen to music every day at work for 10 hours a day so I have personally gone through all of the phone applications and chosen the best of them based on variables.

3. IHeartRadio

This phone application is one of the best and unique features of the rest of them out there. They have a section of their application where you can listen to radio stations that are actually on FM and AM local. For example, if you grew up in California but you happen to live in Minnesota you could still listen to that station locally in California through the phone application. This is a very valuable feature say if there is a morning show you absolutely love or something along those lines. I have yet to find another application with the same feature and if you desire something like this, this is the only source you are going to use that.

2. YouTube Video

Even though YouTube has a specialty of only using videos, the music industry has become a huge community there. You can basically stream any song that you want to listen to through video and it is completely free of charge. How often do you want to hear a certain song that you remember from the past or just anything you want to hear? Within 20 seconds you can search for that song on YouTube and click on the video and you are going to be listening to that song for free. There are some many other music sources out there but YouTube is such a huge presence because it is free and it is so large. It is the second largest social network in the world.

1. Pandora

If you have not yet used Pandora I advise that you get on the network very soon. How it works is it takes either your favorite music group or a song that you like and it fetches results of what other people like to listen to in the same style. There is a button for you to dislike the song or if you like it. Then based on all of these results you put in a song, it's going to give you other results in which all their data has been approved of.

You will understand how this works once you get going and start using it. Basically you get to enter a music group or band that you like and is going to find other music that you like based on past results and data that they have saved. If you're not believing that this works very well, I advise that you try it because it blows the mind's of people that use it. That's why it is the best music source and phone application to use for listening to music on this list today.

Man of the hour goes to Chris W. or also known as "skinny white kid!" This author loves writing about music related topics and building education on new technology out there.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why Internet Trolls Have Try to Ruin Everyone's Fun

With everyone being able to connect to the Internet with their smart phones, computers and other devices, there are a lot of people on the Internet. That means there are a wide number of opinions, and there are just as many groups for each of those opinions. Of those groups, there's one type that seeks to thoroughly frustrate and ruin everyone's fun: trolls.

It always seems that when you're just beginning to enjoy yourself, a troll shows up to ruin the party. One troll isn't alone for long, as they always seem to flock together like birds. They post comments that are infuriating, material that's outright lies and content that's slanderous. Yet they don't seem to have any clear purpose for doing it.

The truth is that trolls have a lot of reasons for ruining everyone's fun. It stems from more than just a bad childhood, as the psychology behind an Internet troll is deep. You'll be surprised to find out just what makes a troll tick.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 Things About Mobile Tracking Software

We all thought that spying on people with advanced technologies is a matter of secret security or movie subjects. Nowadays, the technology evolution brought out some effective tracking software’s available for ordinary people. These spy application have complex features that will help you monitor and store any operation made on a cell phone, including GPS location tracking. It is very similar with Google Maps, and if you ever used this application you will understand its complexity and accuracy.

You will find below some motifs that will motivate you to purchase such a cell phone tracking software, if you ever thought of buying one.

1.Real functionality

Many parents dreamt of a surveillance tool that will make them feel in control and protective. Many teenagers make their parents desperate by disappearing for hours, or hanging out with the wrong entourage, or visiting dangerous areas. Adults avoid many times software or devices that seem difficult to use or too high-tech. These kinds of tracking software’s are really easy to use and they work exactly how you thought of.

2.Remote functionality

The tracking applications can be used worldwide and from any distance as long as the target mobile has an enabled internet connection. So, it doesn’t matter if the person that you spy on travels all over the state, country or even internationally.

3.Easy and fast installation

The software designers build this application in such matters that it is easy to install and user friendly. You don’t have to be an engineer or programmer to know how to install a tracking application. You just have to follow some easy steps and the installation will be completed in just a few minutes.

4.Easy to use

The interface is really well designed. The software designers made every operation become easy and intuitive. With just a few clicks you can find out everything you wanted about your children, family or even employees.

5.100% undetectable 

The best part of this mobile sms spy is that it is invisible and undetectable. There will be no icons on screen or menu, no message alerts. The target cell phone will work exactly like before and with no modifications.

These are some of the things that a mobile phone tracking software will provide you. There are many more to be said or discovered, but I will not reveal them all.
Cell phone tracking software is a single solution to many of your problems, business or family related. The technology evolution came with many improvements in this area, and transformed these applications in real useful tools that can be remotely and widely monitored. A very good and relevant example of these improvements is the GPS location tracking. For whom this software can come in handy? If you are a business owner you will be able to track your employees that are in delegations or have control over different branches spread all over the country or even worldwide. Many people can use this software for personal matters, to monitor and protect their families and loved ones. This software can also come in handy in outdoor expeditions that can become really dangerous. If one individual will disappear it will be easier to track him with this application.

Post by Kate Pirs. Marketing manager in a team, who developed mSpy - mobile sms spy and cell phone tracking software, which helps tracking children smartphone activity and finding stolen or lost phones.
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Monday, February 4, 2013

The 4 Most Common Advantages of Managed Server Services

In order to adequately determine whether or not managed servers are the best solution for a business, it is essential for that business to approach the issue first from a cost-benefit analysis perspective.  This allows businesses to identify any opportunity costs it gains or losses, as well as considering the financial side as well.  Only by taking a holistic perspective of how managed server services can be utilized by a company can the driving forces behind it be identified.


Security is an overriding issue for every business looking into IT related solutions.  When it comes to servers, both physical and digital security must be considered.  By taking advantage of managed servers, businesses gain the ability to leverage state-of-the-art data centers to provide the physical security for the server.  This is a notable benefit because a league data centers are purpose built which allows for an integrated, layered approach to preventing physical threats.  The same approach is nearly impossible to duplicate when a room or building is retrofitted to accomplish this goal.

When discussing digital security, managed server providers take a multitude of steps to ensure the businesses data is secure.  Not only is data proactively secured from potential threats, but it is also backed up so if data is lost it can be recovered quickly.  For a business to replicate this in house, it would require significant resources to train and maintain the necessary IT staff.

Expert Support

Closely tied to security is support.  Managed server providers go to great lengths to provide businesses with expert support.  Support can include everything from strategic planning and expansion to fixing any hardware or software related issues which arise.  Not only do managed server providers offer support around the clock, but the staff is expertly trained to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.  For a business to create this same opportunity in house, it would not only require an expertly trained IT staff but the staff must be available 24x7.  Overall, this is an extremely resource intensive challenge many businesses cannot overcome without taking away from office efficiency and profitability.

Infrastructure Reliability

The infrastructure related benefits stem from the same premise as the physical security benefits.  By housing the managed servers in a purpose built data center, businesses gain access to unparalleled infrastructure.  This includes a fully redundant system, multiple connectivity options, and an up-time guarantee.  Creating the same benefits in house is extremely cost prohibitive which is why more businesses turn to third-party data center facilities rather than trying to create their own.


The final benefit of using managed servers is scalability.  Managed server providers give businesses the opportunity to quickly expand the number of servers they utilize on an as needed basis.  This makes manage servers and infinitely scalable option.  On the other hand, it in-house scalability requires businesses to invest significant capital in additional hardware, software, and personnel.  Additionally, setting everything up takes time which means while scalability does exist, it takes time to implement.

When identifying the benefits driving the use of managed servers among businesses of all sizes, the benefits far outweigh the costs in four distinct areas.  They are security (physical and digital), support availability, infrastructure reliability, and scalability.

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Ron Brown discusses colocation opportunities in the Houston Area.  He believes that co-location services should be considered by any company that wants to keep data safe. Ron helps educate readers about the benefits of co-location and data centers for companies of all sizes.
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

YouTube Capture App for iOS Updated with New Options

The latest report from the world of technology is that Google has updated its YouTube Capture iOS app. This has brought cheer to many users who will find that thanks to this new application, 1080p High Definition uploads are now possible as against an earlier 720p HD. Besides this fact there are other advantages and upgrades seen in this new application. Due to updated YouTube Capture, audio synchronization has also been greatly enhanced along with upload speeds which are now greater than ever experienced before.

This new application is backed by full High Definition support, enabling not only faster upload speeds but also more superior files to be transferred in double quick time thanks to Google’s highly efficient and well organized servers. Sharing of photos and videos with friends and family is now possible with no waste of time either.

This new YouTube Capture iOS is being offered on iPhone5 besides the iPad and iPod Touch. Customers wishing to avail of this, can get a free update from the App Store. It also enables sharing of videos through social network sites of Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Where music is concerned, the app offers the facility to add music to videos, edit them with the use of shade modification and picture stabilization prior to sharing. 

YouTube Capture update ensures the following:

• Quick record – YouTube Capture has been designed with only one objective in mind and that is ‘speed’. It is this enhanced speed that has ensured it has received instantaneous recognition. It enables the strategic capture of photos and videos in lesser number of clicks and with use of reduced lag time.

• Automatic enhancement – Videos can be uploaded with automatic color modifications, enhanced stabilization, quicker speed and with assistance of music tracks which can be added for extra effect, if so desired. 

• Easy sharing facilities –YouTube Capture enables upload to YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter all at the same time while enabling private sharing with associates and close contacts. 

YouTube Capture is available at the App Store and it is entirely compatible with the following:

• iPhone 3GS
• iPhone 4S
• iPhone 5
• iPod touch – third generation and later
• iPad

The application is optimized for display of iPhone 5 and needs the iOS 5.0 or later to be compatible.

Best part of YouTube Capture update is the fact that users can now shoot photos or videos in landscape mode by default. YouTube Capture also enables iPhone users to share these photos and videos to a host of social network sites through the use of Instagram.

Though YouTube Capture update has been introduced and the record and upload option in 1080p video is now available, there may be a problem in case you are not situated in a Wi-Fi enabled area or have a stringent date plan. In this case you can still choose 360p or 720p in the settings.

If you have an iOS gadget, what are you waiting for? The update is waiting for you to take advantage off at your nearest App Store.

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Patrick Hudson likes writing articles related to Technology News, Gadget Reviews and How To. He also does guest posting for buycharter.com - a site that offers savings and current information on charter cable.

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