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Friday, February 8, 2013

Phone Apps To Listen To Popular Music

Smart phones are becoming a way of society now and listening to music on them is very convenient. Nothing like this was ever around 20 years ago. A person can stream music through their cell phones via satellite. Today I am going to talk about the best phone applications to use on your smart phone to listen to music for free. I listen to music every day at work for 10 hours a day so I have personally gone through all of the phone applications and chosen the best of them based on variables.

3. IHeartRadio

This phone application is one of the best and unique features of the rest of them out there. They have a section of their application where you can listen to radio stations that are actually on FM and AM local. For example, if you grew up in California but you happen to live in Minnesota you could still listen to that station locally in California through the phone application. This is a very valuable feature say if there is a morning show you absolutely love or something along those lines. I have yet to find another application with the same feature and if you desire something like this, this is the only source you are going to use that.

2. YouTube Video

Even though YouTube has a specialty of only using videos, the music industry has become a huge community there. You can basically stream any song that you want to listen to through video and it is completely free of charge. How often do you want to hear a certain song that you remember from the past or just anything you want to hear? Within 20 seconds you can search for that song on YouTube and click on the video and you are going to be listening to that song for free. There are some many other music sources out there but YouTube is such a huge presence because it is free and it is so large. It is the second largest social network in the world.

1. Pandora

If you have not yet used Pandora I advise that you get on the network very soon. How it works is it takes either your favorite music group or a song that you like and it fetches results of what other people like to listen to in the same style. There is a button for you to dislike the song or if you like it. Then based on all of these results you put in a song, it's going to give you other results in which all their data has been approved of.

You will understand how this works once you get going and start using it. Basically you get to enter a music group or band that you like and is going to find other music that you like based on past results and data that they have saved. If you're not believing that this works very well, I advise that you try it because it blows the mind's of people that use it. That's why it is the best music source and phone application to use for listening to music on this list today.

Man of the hour goes to Chris W. or also known as "skinny white kid!" This author loves writing about music related topics and building education on new technology out there.

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