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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ubuntu Powered Smartphones to Hit the Market in October

Let’s face it! Ubuntu’s newest mobile OS has more than a handful of features to make users fall in love with it. Guess what, I’m one of the many nerds myself! So, what’s hot in the smartphone market? The latest news is that Mark Shuttleworth, the company’s founder and CEO, recently gave some clear-cut information on what the road ahead is like, for the company’s forthcoming array of lineups slated for 2013. In an interview to the Wall Street Journal, Shuttleworth officially announced that the company’s first every native OS-powered smartphone would indefinitely hit the market in October, provided the company’s ongoing preparations are on track without any intermediate delay. As we have seen it on numerous occasions in the past, mobile software launches have come to a halt several times – the most recent being the launch of Blackberry 10. Originally slated to hit the market in 2012, the handset saw the light of the day only last week.

Coming back to our point of discussion, Shuttleworth didn’t have much information for the users in the rest of the chat with the Wall Street Journal. Ubuntu – one of the newest operating systems for smartphones made its nascent presence felt on the ambitious Samsung Galaxy Nexus recently, when the news was announced at last month’s CES 2013 event held in Los Angeles.

In the interview, the company’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth declined to reveal the name of any potential handset that could feature the Ubuntu OS for smartphones in the coming days. Nevertheless that may not rule out expert views – the buzz is that we could soon see Ubuntu’s native OS featuring in any of the flagship devices later this year. After being integrated into the most-anticipated Galaxy Nexus, most developers are now looking to incorporate Ubuntu’s mobile OS in their smartphones.

When prompted again, Shuttleworth finally let the cat out of the bag, not fully though. He said, the promising mobile OS will be making its entry in two major marketplaces later this year – however (yes, you guesses it right!), there is no specific information on it. A hint soon followed.. Shuttleworth said the company is looking at North America as a ‘key market place’ where Ubuntu is most likely to make its debut probably by this fall. As his words suggests, Ubuntu has to overcome some tough competition if it has to make its mark as a leader in the mobile OS space. That’s something interesting to see!

The good news is that, most technical experts who reviewed the Ubuntu OS for smartphones expressed confidence that it will floor some of the major mobile operating systems that exist at present. Experts felt that the stylish user interface and wide array of features could be the key elements that would trigger the success of Ubuntu’s native mobile app.

With the promising Ubuntu all set to make its debut, what are its competitors up to now? Here is what. Telefonica is looking to incorporate the cost-effective Firefox as its OS. Other carriers are also planning to add more features and user-friendly elements in their devices. So the competition is only getting tougher and tougher. Let’s see what kind of impact can Ubuntu’s native OS will make in the smartphone market.


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