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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Is A Smartphone?

The Smartphone devices are popular among the cell phone users all over the world. The question is: what is a Smartphone, and how it is different from the traditional cell phones? A Smartphone device is actually a cell phone which has various, additional features. A Smartphone is built on an operating system which has the ability to perform advanced computing functions and Internet connectivity. The Smartphone was introduced to the concept of combining the functions of the cell phone and a personal digital assistant. The recent models of Smartphones go beyond that and have some additional features which are neither available in the traditional cell phones or in the personal digital assistants such as built-in media players, cameras, and GPS navigation.

Basic Features of the Smartphones

The recent models of Smartphones also include a touch screen feature, a high-resolution, built-in camera, various browsers that also display the standard Websites besides opening the mobile versions of the Websites. With the compatibility for WiFi and mobile broadband, the connectivity of the latest Smartphones is also included in some of the brands of Smartphones. There are various operating systems used in the different brands of these Smartphone devices. Some of the common operating systems are: Apple’s iOS, Android from Google, Symbian from Nokia, BlackBerry from RIM, Windows from Microsoft, Bada from Samsung, and WebOS from HP. The Smartphone market becomes an extremely attractive place for the developers as the interest of people is increasing in these devices.

The Operating System

One of the main features of the Smartphones is the “apps” which is the shortened form of “applications.” These apps are actually a small software that is developed to perform certain tasks such as playing popular games and other professional tasks. The popularity of Smartphone apps is increasing as people want to download an app for any reason such as getting the information of the local weather, or knowing the prices of your favorite stocks. Some of the recent models of Smartphones have the ability to connect to the Internet via 3G which is a high-speed, Internet connectivity service. Keeping in mind the dependence on the Internet is increasing, the developers of Smartphones are also providing different options on Smartphones that are based on the Internet.

Importance of the Memory

Some of these Smartphones have the option of a memory card slot to increase the memory of your device. Some other Smartphones, such as the iPhone from Apple, has a massive, internal memory so you can store movies, music, and large files without buying a memory card. Some of the Smartphones have the ability to support the push email feature which enables the users to send and receive emails in real time. Some other Smartphone devices provide you the facility to sync various email accounts in one service.  Choosing your Smartphone is extremely important as you need to be sure which brand suits you best. The needs of every person are different when they go to buy a Smartphone device; therefore, you need to know why you want to get the Smartphone.

Written By Aaran, S, who has contributed several articles on technology and gadgets to various websites. Currently he is freelancing for MobileRookie.com
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