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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why Internet Trolls Have Try to Ruin Everyone's Fun

With everyone being able to connect to the Internet with their smart phones, computers and other devices, there are a lot of people on the Internet. That means there are a wide number of opinions, and there are just as many groups for each of those opinions. Of those groups, there's one type that seeks to thoroughly frustrate and ruin everyone's fun: trolls.

It always seems that when you're just beginning to enjoy yourself, a troll shows up to ruin the party. One troll isn't alone for long, as they always seem to flock together like birds. They post comments that are infuriating, material that's outright lies and content that's slanderous. Yet they don't seem to have any clear purpose for doing it.

The truth is that trolls have a lot of reasons for ruining everyone's fun. It stems from more than just a bad childhood, as the psychology behind an Internet troll is deep. You'll be surprised to find out just what makes a troll tick.

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