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Friday, March 1, 2013

Advantages Of Integrating Hosted VoIP Technology Into Your Email And CRM Systems

Did you know that it is very easy and beneficial for a company to integrate Hosted VoIP technology into their email and CRM (customer relationship management) systems?

Several companies opt for hosted VoIP technology in order to provide a more cost-effective and efficient solution when communicating with customers. Instead of the premises-based call centre that implies several operating costs on location, team members, software and hardware, the larger companies head towards business VoIP to deliver their message. These structures promote communication with clients in different situations and services, from the support, sales and marketing to the financial and collections’ departments. As soon as this hosted VoIP technology is installed, the telephonist is spared from the nuisances and time-consuming setbacks of wrong numbers, busy signals and answering machines.

With hosted VoIP technology, employees no longer need to manually enter phone numbers ensuring that the operator only works with analogue landlines. It also registers and records incoming and outgoing telephone calls to ensure that all the data is used and that nothing is wasted. This means that there is a better understanding of the clients’ needs and expectations and that therefore a better service is provided, leading to a more pleasant customer experience that makes them want to return to know more about the company’s services. Accuracy and profitability are also heightened as the hosted VoIP application allows you to understand better what type of customer you are dealing with, thus providing you paramount information in regard to the clients’ probable alternative or additional choices and needs, which you can address using cross selling, for example. Moreover, it also offers a solution for mass customisation without filling the time and space that is usually needed to do so, as there will be no longer the need of specific helpdesk software, plenty of different applications and email organisers.


You personalise your relationship with the customers in the Cloud, and to make it real you only need to have a good internet connection and any sort of phone set, as long as it has an integrated DDI (direct dial numbers) system. Hosted VoIP software service may be installed regardless of the currently used applications and it also supports Microsoft Outlook, Google’s Gmail and Salesforce CRM, amongst others. During this year’s course, the company expects to have around thirty new integrations and expand them all into different systems like iPhone or Android Smart Phones, as well as all major Web Browsers.

By Sarah; a Search Consultant at http://www.fdcstudio.co.uk/ providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK

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