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Friday, March 22, 2013

How Branding is impacted by Social Media

Social media has become an integral tool in marketing these days. All kinds of businesses are now turning to the Internet to promote their products and services. Even social networks welcome the idea, offering services that allow companies to promote their brands. This article will talk about the kind of effects social media has on branding.

About branding and its importance

A lot of things serve as brands, with logos, symbols and taglines only being part of them. A brand is what represents the company’s vision, and this vision is what potential clients and customers see as what your company has to offer, as well as what makes you stand out from the rest.

Branding is important because it is what separates the company from the rest of the flock; it is what identifies the company, and it is what customers will recognize. The stronger the brand, the more trust your clients will have for your company. Also, if your brand is strong, then your company doesn’t need to explain what it is about.

Different branding types

There are two different types of branding: professional and personal, and the type of branding that you choose will depend on your kind of business. The difference between these two is that professional brands are suited for a company that can be represented by a group, while a personal brand is suited for the individual name that anyone can recognize.

Both these types of brands have their advantages and disadvantages, which makes the difficulty of choosing a type of brand understandable. For example, a personal brand is basically your name representing your business; anything that could bring shame to your name will also bring shame to your company. Meanwhile, a professional brand’s downside is that there is no point of contact; every person in the business represents it.

Using social media to launch your brand

These days, businesses, particularly the small-name ones, use social media to establish and launch their brand. There are plenty of social networks that cater to this; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the biggest sites that do just that, and businesses are free to use them for their brand.
For instance, Facebook allows the company to create groups and pages for the company, as well as a profile that the company can use to interact with clients all over the world. Twitter’s strength lies in how reactions are very similar to an actual person-to-person conversation; tweeting essentially makes it possible for both parties to talk to each other in no time flat. LinkedIn is more suited for professionals, which allows companies to create their own profiles that can be used to connect with clients.

Using the network profile

Now that you have created a profile for your company, it is important that you keep it updated at all times. This includes company information, contact information, links to your company website, and the tagline, as well as any relevant images relating to your company, like the profile picture. If you should have more than one profile for the company, then ensure that all your profiles are consistent with each other.

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