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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Norton Denotes Quality Products Before and After.

The world of today is very different from the world of yesterday. One of the main differences is the World Wide Web or simply called the internet. Today we do most of our stuff using the internet. The internet has become such a necessity to most that with out it, their world will stop to evolve. But as the internet has the Force with, it also has a dark side.

One of the dark side forces of the internet is what will call infestation of unwanted application called virus or malware. There are a lot of viruses or malware in the internet with different agenda and motivation but they all agree in one common item that is to wreck havoc in the unsuspecting people like you and me that uses the internet. Luckily for all of us, a company called Norton or Symantec for the new one has been making antivirus for the longest time. They are not just making a simple application that deals with virus attack but a whole lot of things to cover all types of attack one can experience when using the internet.

The main GUI of Norton AntiVirus 2011
The main GUI of Norton AntiVirus 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just recently a couple of years back around 2008, a company I have worked for have semantic endpoint 11 for all computers and servers. This anti-malware suit can detect website that has a malware in it. Yup website that has a malware is very common on the internet. By detecting and recognizing the website and its ip address the Norton product effectively block the virus or malware from entering the computer or the network. This is just one of the many functions of the product.

The Antivirus Software by Norton product has the enterprise type and the personal use type, It is very easy to install just follow the on screen instructions and you will never get lost during the process. As with all anti-viruses it has an auto update option for the virus definition as long as one has valid subscriptions for one or two year depending on the type of subscriptions type you have.

The name Norton especially the Antivirus Software for me personally denotes quality of every product they have come up with starting way back in early 80’s and 90’s with now famous Norton Utilities , Norton Commander and a whole lot more range of product. Also notable are the NAV or Norton Antivirus application for personal use back in the early days. The early days of the DOS and command prompt was made easy with the help of early version of the Norton Utilities, which I used in those days for getting erase files form floppy disk and hard disk. This was during early days of the now Windows operating system. The Norton line of product got an upgrade when it was acquired by Symantec in the 1990. All products with regards to the Norton group were kept including the name Norton for branding purposes. Since all Norton product and books really denote quality solutions for all type of need, from enterprise to personal.

Today as the world interconnected via the internet protection from all such imaginable attacks is very much a priority whether you are in the corporate world or for personal protection of your most cherish data and information; the Norton products are there to keep you safe from all type of malware and data thief. There not just offering cure but proactive approach to the security of your data in your computer or mobile devices. They just don’t cure they prevent an attacks from getting in and wrecking havoc inside your computer.

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