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Monday, April 29, 2013

Understanding Tiered Data Storage For Faster Retreival

In this digital world, data is a highly valuable commodity. For this reason, every business must make use of a data storage solution which is able to accommodate the tonnes of information you have and still ensure a high level of security. If you’re in the market for a data storage solution, it’s always a good idea for you to know more about tiered storage.

What is tiered storage?

This method of data storage involves the use of different types of media according to their availability, recovery and performance requirements. This means that if the objective of storing the data is so that you can easily restore it in the event of a corruption or a loss, the best method of storing this data is locally. However, if cost-effectiveness is your main objective, then archiving of data drives down your costs.

Currently, tiered storage infrastructures come in two-tier architecture, the most simple of the bunch, all the way to more complex architecture which make use of five-to-six tiers. The main reason for why organizations prefer tiered storage solutions, regardless of the architecture, in order to lower operational costs while driving up efficiency.

What are the advantages of using tiered storage?

Achieving RPO and RTO

When it comes to data management, organizations are always assessing for recovery point objectives (RPO), and the recovery time objectives (RTO). In a nutshell, this involves the understanding of how vulnerable a data storage solution is to loss and how fast it takes to be able to recover any of the data lost. Luckily, tiered storage infrastructures are highly reliable so that organizations can achieve a zero RPO and RTO without costing so much.

Better Price/Performance Ratio

While the projected savings are the main motivators for switching to tiered storage, the benefits go beyond just that. With the help of policy-based archiving, tiered storage solutions mean shorter back-up and restore times. On top of that tiered storage solutions are also noted for their high-speed data transfers, something which organizations can also take advantage of. Bundled with its competitive rates, tiered storage solutions are uncompromisingly efficient.

However, in order for you to really enjoy all of the benefits that are associated with tiered storage, it’s crucial that you pick out a reputable and known data solutions provider. The quality of service you get is still dependent on the level of experience of the IT professionals employed by any data solutions provider.
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