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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Web Host With The Most

Email Hosting Services

Quality email hosting services are vital to the success of any business. Customers must have an easy and convenient way to contact you and free online email accounts just don't cut it. 

Email hosting services come with perks that web-based email accounts can't match. These services allow customers to contact you at an email address that includes your own domain name, allow you to take advantage of spam protection and anti-virus services, and offer optional instant access directly from your desktop. 

The following email hosting services are widely popular with businesses located around the world:

Zoho Mail


Zoho Mail is perfect for businesses looking to combine their email accounts, calendar sharing and document management tasks under one program.

Zoho's unique calendar and email applications allow for users to share information instantly and provide a way for managers to schedule tasks and communicate with their employees.
Zoho is free for the first three users.


Fastmail's business email services allow you to setup email accounts under your company name. Each one of their email boxes comes with 8 gigabytes worth of storage, spam protection and instant messaging capabilities.

Address books can also be shared and viewed instantly among all of your employees.
Their setup process is easy and allows you to transfer all of your email functions from your current email hosting provider with one click of a button.


Rackspace is one of the most powerful email hosting services available today.
Rackspace email can be accessed via an internet browser, desktop or smartphone. Businesses who sign up for Rackspace don't have to worry about constant software updates or network reconfiguration.

Each account also comes with full-time spam protection, redundant backups, firewalls and a variety of tools that help each user manage their email, contacts and calendars. The current cost to sign up for Rackspace is $2 per 10 gigabyte email account.

Windows Live

Windows Live by Microsoft has long been known as a leading provider of hosted email accounts.
Windows Live allows business owners to create email accounts using their company or website name and easily integrate their email with their Twitter, Facebook or other social media accounts.

Each employee can choose to either access their Windows Live email accounts through a web-based platform or from their desktop. Other tools that are available for free with the Windows Live package include Sky Drive and an array of Office Web Apps. Mobile access, website integration and spam protection are all available with this free service.

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Peter Wendt is a freelance writer and business owner living in Austin, Texas. WIth all of his work communication being sent via email, Wendt was worried about information being lost or stolen. To learn more about email hosting, Wendt contacted Corsair USA, who then helped him get set up with email hosting. He was very happy with their services and no longer has to worry about his email server with their consistent monitoring.

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