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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tips & Top 10 Tools To Design Your Brand Logo

There is saying that pictures speak more than words. Ever remember that whenever we think about a product, what comes to our mind is your favorite brand. What is the reason for it? Have you ever thought of it? It is because there will be definitely an attributable image and meaning that has convinced you to remember and keep at your heart and you brand it as ‘favorite.

So here are some tips that you have consider if you wish to see a place of your brand at the customer’s 

Simple and attractive

A logo design should always be kept simple. You have keep in mind that this word trails till the end of all other tips that you are going to see.

Creating a complex logo only brings confusion and fails to bring clarity to your audience. The Logo is a pitch or a tone to your business partners and clients. As when you do business presentation, you keep words as short and simple to convey your message to the audience, the same concept is for logo too. Therefore defining simplicity is to be left the logo designers! Ultimately they can deliver what your simplicity and an eye-catching design is all about.

Perpetual Vision

When you think of designing your Logo, think about designing it for 10-15 years duration. Once you design a logo, it should pass a clear message to the audience about what does it offer to them. Think about it that most of the successful companies re-design their logo with a least radical change after a decade.

Audience choice

The logo should be able to entertain and impress the audience. The simplicity in design and apt use of colors should convince the audience to love it. The ultimate judge of the success of a logo comes from the audience. They are left to infer what the logo means and how it serves them. There builds a good relationship between a customer to the company when the meaning and purpose of the logo is grasped.

If it is too abstract, that goes against your purpose. Once the logo fail to communicate, it fails to convince the audience adversely disliking your products. You have to remember that media plays a vital role to bring your audience and at the same time complexity abstracts them and end up not to turn up to your product.

Colors speaks a lot

Colors play a vital role in the designing part as it envisages different sets of emotions and communication towards us. You have to analyze your target market, the demographics, gender, customer behavior, tastes and preferences. Only after considering these factors, you need to choose a unique color/ color combination that is brings happiness and please the audience.

Moreover, colors go with the trend in the market. As such, one have to remember that depending upon the entity and your nature of business you have to build and design the logo. For a financial institution or a statutory organization a conservative design will be apt whereas for a dynamic company, colors may vary as per the trend. Cost factor is very important as complexity in colors and design raises your production cost. Therefore, simplicity and uniqueness brings perfection and effect. Colors can vary if the company has different market segments, and this color variation can be used to its business cards and office stationeries.

Fine Linings is apt

It is seen that there are logos that are more illustrative with 3D combinations. Here the logo becomes complex and it can bring an unpleasant inference to the audience. Too much making to the occasion will lead it to nothing. Therefore a simple design with light color combination and fine line drawings is apt and can win the heart of your audience. What is more important is a good contrast and color balance. Vector designs provide a complete solution for this. There are several tools in logo software that brings an illustrative or a 3D effect without compromising the simplicity and illusion to the design.

Adapting for Change

Your company will have different market segments. To convince and adept to the meaning of all the varied segments, your logo should consider these factors. Change is everywhere and a logo should all the time mean it that it serves to all sorts of changes, tastes, preferences and varied interests of the customers in the scattered market segments.

Make it Omnipresent

Your logo should be designed to capture and win the heart of the audience. So wherever they go, within seconds, they should be able to recall the brand. Thus it brings the brand equity and likes your product. Therefore your lines in the logo design have to be simple. A successful design should contain an easily recognizable element or a shape that can be easily memorized. 

Logo should derive your Product Lines

When it comes to a memorable, easy and simple design, one thing that has to be considered is that your logo should imply the products and services on offer. So, while designing the logo, it should have a visual representation that gives a hint of your business line. 

Versatility in letters and pictures

Your logo will be used not only for the company board, but it will be used across various stationeries like business cards, stationeries, letter heads, billboard or hoardings, posters. Your logo should be versatile to include all the letters and designs when you market it through any supplementary product like a coffee cup or a t-shirt. Therefore when considering to design a logo, these tips have to be remembered. Simplicity and uniqueness in design, versatility in adoption, and omnipresent and ubiquitous brand equity are all the vital attributes to be incorporated in a logo design.

There are several logo designing softwares that has tools to give your logo the desired color and shape. The top six leading software used by the logo designers are Adobe Illustrator, Logomaker, Laughingbird, Summitsoft Logo Desing studio, LogoYes and SoThink. By using any of this logo software, your business can find a place in the customer’s heart by uniqueness and versatility.

Author bio: 

Alisa runs a local web design company in Birmingham which has also designed logos for various brands and websites. She in her free time contributes on various sites by providing her useful tips on web designing and logo designing. You may check her out at social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+. To know more visit http://www.jaskgroup.co.uk/
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