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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Disassembling Your Laptop in the Right Way

Laptops are very different from desktops in terms of design and durability. While you can be a little rough on the humungous monster that sits atop your desk, your laptop needs careful and considerate handling. It is best to call in a computer repair expert if you want to disassemble your laptop, but if you really interested in the do-it-yourself mantra, you have to follow some steps and do it systematically. The key to taking your laptop apart and then putting it back is that you have to remember every step of the disassembling process.


The first task towards ripping apart your laptop is to unplug the charger. You will be surprised with the number of laptop users who have been careless enough to start disassembling their laptops without switching off the charger! The power supply in the veins of the laptop has to be snapped in entirety. After taking the charger off, take down the battery. The battery might have some charge left in it to keep supplying necessary power to your laptop’s hard disk, processor and the wiring mechanism. You may be in for a rude shock!

With the power supply lines to your laptop severed completely, it is time to embark on the main task. Before you begin to take off the screws of your laptop, get a white sheet of paper. Draw a rough diagram of the positioning of the screws as you see them embedded in the laptop. After you have finished drawing, take out the screws and place them exactly in the positions that you have allotted them on the paper. This ensures that when you have to put back those screws into their corresponding points, you are not confused. The paper diagram will act as your guide.

Now comes the part where you pull apart the laptop. Be gentle with the yanking bit! You can never be sure if there is still a screw somewhere keeping it joined. Being strong on it will break your laptop’s components. There is also the possibility that wires may be caught in a compromising position. Pulling on them with brutal strength will snap the wires and you will be done for! Check carefully that there is nothing that is keeping the laptop’s two sides conjoined. Now gently pull them apart. You may have to separate the power bar and the keyboard in the process.

You are ready to fix things that you had set out to do. When you are done, it is time to put it back again. Many of you may remember the exact process by which you disassembled your laptop. If you feel less confident about keeping everything in your mind, use a diary. Jot down the steps that you follow to take your laptop apart. During the assembling process, follow the entries that you have made. This will ensure that you put the right components in the right slots and the screws are all there at their designated spots. Take your time and do not rush things.

Authors’ Bio: Daniel Zica is a senior writer and passionate blogger who has worked in cheap computer repair in Fort Lauderdale. To know more about him visit his blog - http://southfloridapcrepair.com/
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