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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Mobile Web Revolution

Recent statistical data and expert forecasts suggest that the world is getting serious about equipping as many people with smartphones and tablets as possible. With Europe, North America, and other developed regions already enjoying high penetration levels, the primary drivers of the next wave are going to be Asia, Latin America, and other highly populated and technology-thirsty regions. At the moment 15% of the global Web traffic already originates from mobile device users, and this share is going to continue rising, according to most industry analysts. As more and more people prefer to browse from their handheld gadgets, webmasters are getting more concerned with how their websites look and operate on small, tap-reactive screens. Responsive (mobile-friendly) web design is the latest fad across the board, as websites which look natural on small screens and are easy to use with a single finger have been proven to bring considerably higher engagement rates (and profits) from the mobile visitors. Applying the principles of responsive interface might not be the easiest part in many cases, yet the possibility to ride one of the most important online trends of the decade may well be worth the time and effort.

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The Rise of the Mobile Web
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