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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Top Drupal Modules That You Must Have!

The cyber world has changed tremendously and will keep on changing as the needs and demands of the people keep changing. The rise in social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. is phenomenal. Nowadays these websites are not just for fun; they have been converted into one of the biggest virtual market places in the web arena. Thus, you may come across a number of new players that are trying to shape community building websites for marketable purposes. These websites are looking for the best web technologies and Drupal happens to be amongst the top players in this field.

Drupal is a very exceptional platform that is extremely supple towards advanced development of web apps. It is usually used to form solutions that can enhance and support the advanced web communication system. Whether you are looking at web solutions, social networking or e-commerce resolutions, Drupal developers can offer all these facilities in a bunch of very affordable ways.

There are a couple of modules that you must consider having, in order to improve your websites builds. Here are a few:

1. Views: This Drupal module allows you to jot down content effortlessly to view and recover it during later phases. Whether you desire to generate a list of blog posts, pictorial slideshows or even exhibit a large product variety, this component will make your job a lot easier.

2. Panels: It provides you the tractability to construct custom web pages quickly and easily. Drupal developers can use this module to present the appearances of every content style on the site with no troubles.

3. Ctools: This module is a potent structure which ensures smooth utility of both the views and panels Drupal modules. By using this particular module, developers can build modal dialogue boxes, multi-step forms etc.

4. Web form: The main aim of organizations that are making use of the Drupal platform is to attract more and more visitors. Apart from that, they want to offer valuable info to their visitors and encourage them to fill up the feedback and contact us forms. In these cases, this Drupal module assists users in completing the forms effortlessly. The designers can develop forms such as job applications; contact us forms, surveys, response forms and the likes.

5. Token: This module helps in addition of a link path or any other linked info or material in the content to offer expediency to the user at the other end. This module is most expected to be accessed while creation of a website to permit the admin to add significant details according to their precise requirements.

6. SEO Checklist Module: This module delivers a checklist of efficient SEO practices in Drupal. This checklist helps in keeping track of what is to be done. At the beginning, it will go through the available modules on the computer system and then later all you need to do is install the unchecked modules. When that is done, your work done!

7. SMTP: It is a highly recommended Drupal module that offers SMTP email authentication i.e. it uses a certified mail id and password to send website emails, that is essentially needed by your hosting server to avoid spam. It also enables you to send emails from your site using forms.

These Drupal modules are one of the most helpful modules that you require. However to integrate them in your development solution, you may need the assistance of a Drupal expert that will make your task easier and fruitful. You may hire an experienced Drupal developer who is efficient in integrating modules into solutions for improving its general experience.

Authors Bio:

Jude White is currently working in one of the leading web development companies that offer efficient Drupal consultations and services. Apart from being a Drupal developer, Jude is also an internet marketing expert providing solutions to top organizations worldwide. His long term goal is to start his own web development firm.
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