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Friday, June 28, 2013

Ways To Use Technology In The Classroom

Classroom is one of the best places for knowledge. Here we learn the history of the world, mathematics, sciences, foreign languages and more. Typically we learn all these through textbook and lecture but with the advancement of technology, students are now more capable of learning better through the use of different forms of technology, educational software and internet. So if you are a teacher, forget about the traditional classroom atmosphere. Here’s how you can grab and hold attention of your students.

• To discuss basic science concepts, search the internet for website and links that offer simulated science experiments and animated demonstrations. This may include topics such as diverse as the working of the human body, replication of DNA, principles of magnetism or making a rocket from seltzer tablets. Thru these resources, your students can easily imagine and visualize deeper understanding of complex physical, chemical and biological processes.

• Use technology in submitting writing assignments to you as email attachments. You can also make hand-outs and homework assignments accessible on a classroom website. A classroom website will serve as the online bulletin board of your class where you can post announcements and important messages.

• Using text message is a great way to send quick reminders. Text your students to remind them of their projects and homework, or their parents reminding them about the parent-teachers meeting or the like. Texting is greener, quicker, and more reliable than paper notices.

• Set up a big screen in the classroom. You can use a computer or a laptop with an internet connection and present your lecture through a projector. This will surely make the topic more interesting to learn and much easier to understand. • A powerpoint is a great way to teach students. Put pictures on it and put effects to entertain them while learning. There’s also this “whiteboard cartoons” or “plain english” video types in Youtube which are very entertaining and informative at the same time. Thus, teachers should utilize this too.

• There are great online games available that can sharpen the minds of students. Like “Jeopardy,” “The Weakest Link,” or “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” You can search and download the games on the internet. It would be better if some of the students that have their wireless devices on them will connect to a wireless internetand then they can just multilink the games and have fun.

• Ask your students to create a blog where they can put down all the lessons they learn. Here your students can share and exchange different comments and ideas. The best part is that their parents can get it on the blogging fun as well. Blogger and Wordpress are among the most popular blog sites you can use. Create a template for your students to fill in.

• Everyone has its own Facebook and Twitter account, for sure. So why not take advantage of these two popular social networking sites in your classroom. Create a Facebook fan page and let your students do their interaction on the site. You can post assignments there or ask your students to post discussions, questions and conversation regarding a particular subject. Also, if your students need to summarize information, then you can ask them to do it on Twitter instead.

These are just some of the easiest, valuable and inexpensive ways on how you can use technology in the classroom. With today’s technology, sky is the limit. I’m betting a robot professor is not too far to happen. So enjoy the benefits of technology and learn more each day.

Bio: Marie Felipe is a writer and an online marketer for more than 6 years now. And is now promoting her new site CLEARinternet.com/products She lives and breathes computer and is always up to date with the latest technology and gadgets.
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