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Friday, July 26, 2013

5 Cool Gadgets That Will Protect You From Would-Be Attackers

How safe do you feel when you walk around on your own at night? In the past we would feel safe because we didn't know any better, but these days you can't turn on the TV without hearing about something horrific. It makes you scared to venture outside, but sometimes you must and that is why it's best to be prepared.

When you're not in your home there is little you can do to stop someone attacking you, but there are definitely a few cool things you can do to scare them away once they strike. Let's cross our fingers and hope nothing ever happens to you, but just to be on the safe side we can look at some cool gadgets that will help protect you.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mobile Options FAQ

There are so many mobile phones and mobile service providers on the UK market that the process of choosing a phone and operator can be extremely confusing. You have a lot of options, how do you know which ones are right for you? Today we're looking at some of the most frequently asked questions about mobiles and mobile services in the hopes that we can help you make the best decision for yourself...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Three Compelling Reasons That Everyone Should Have A Personal Website

There was a time when the web was young and the whole internet seemed to be filled with amateur websites created by people who just wanted to have fun and experiment. Of course most of these sites were hosted by Geocities or FreeWebs (both of which offered free hosting in exchange for covering your site in ads), and mostly consisted of lots of animated GIFs and polyphonic tunes.

While this might not have been any kind of golden age for the internet in terms of quality content or the user experience, I do believe that in some ways it was a great time. Back then the web truly felt like an open platform that anyone could use to express themselves or publish their opinions, and while it might have looked a bit thrown-together, that was actually part of the charm.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Learning How To Make A Panorama: The 3 Main Options

3 options are open to you, as a person interesting in learning how to make a panorama, in terms of how you can get to learn. We will be closely examining the three options, to understand how you can use them to master the art of making panoramas. The panoramas in question here are 'compound photographs' that tend to have perspectives that are hard to capture using cameras. They tend to have perspectives that, at first glance, seem magical.

The New HTC One SV Mobile Phone

I got a chance recently to take a good look at HTC’s newest One Mobile Phone. It makes great use of the EE package that is data-generous and not a whole lot of money.  The plan I looked at on the 4G LTE carrier was at £41 per month, unlimited calls and texts, and 1GB of data. There were other plans with more or less data available at varying costs.

Friday, July 19, 2013

How Pinterest Can Help You To Design A Beautiful Home!

When you decide to buy a new home and you start with a blank canvas, it can be a very exciting time that requires a lot of imagination. One social media platform that offers an extremely helpful set of ideas and concepts is a fairly recent addition known as Pinterest. Millions of individuals have started using this site as a ‘go-to’ platform to look for inspiration on many levels. It is a very visual sitethat seems to have almost every design target well and truly covered. This article takes a closer look and in particular concentrates on the way Pinterest can assist you with regards new home designs.

Top Tips For Finding The Right Internet Backup Service For You

Can you remember the last time that you sorted or searched for an important file only to find out minutes later that it had been deleted unintentionally? Let’s face it, this has happened to nearly all us at least once in our lifetime. The colossal amount of documents, song files, videos, and pictures you generate and store each day consumes a large proportion of your personal computer's space. Therefore, it is essential to utilize the internet backup and in order to spare yourself from the potentially devastating consequences of not saving the files at all.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How To Use Your Smartphone To Improve Your Credit

Have you had the chance to look at your credit lately? Chances are if you have you might have noticed it is not as good as it can be. This is going to be a problem because you not having the credit you need is going to really cripple you in a society that is very dependent on access to credit. Your credit score is more than just a number. It can affect you in the following ways.

The Importance Of Java Training For IT Professionals

Anyone in the field of IT in any industry must always be updating and learning new skills if they are to do their job effectively.  The world of technology is constantly moving and never stays still, so anyone that works within that world must also never stop the learning process to stay on top of all the latest developments.  If you fall behind in even one area, you could end up costing your company a lot of money or worse.  Most people outside of the IT industry get a little dazed and confused when it comes to trying to decipher all of the codes and formulas, but that’s why IT is an industry unto itself and IT professionals are so valuable. 

Dealing With Your Phone Network's Customer Service Department

When you own a mobile phone there will be times when you have to deal with your network provider’s customer services department. Your query could be as simple as a tariff change, or a complaint about your bill. Customer services have well-trained members of staff who are there to help no matter what the problem is.

When you first call the customer service department they will ask you to identify yourself. You may have a password set up on your account and they will ask for that, so have the information to hand. You will need your mobile telephone number or your postcode in order for them to find your account on their system. Finding your account can take a minute or two, so be prepared to be patient.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Should My Broadband Really Be This Slow?

When my internet starts chugging along slowly I begin to wonder, “What’s wrong with it now?” I pay for a certain speed but am I getting what I pay for?  Does this sound like you, too?  Does video streaming get funky at certain times, but run smoothly at others? There are a lot of ways to find out what is going on under the hood and you do not have to have a technical degree to effect a change in your broadband speed.

How To Build Your Own Computer

Building a computer can be a little overwhelming, especially if this is your first time taking on a project such as this. It is also one of the most rewarding and exciting do it your self projects you will ever do. Both tech savvy and technically impaired people alike have considered building their own PC, but never actually go through with the task. While it does take time and effort to build a computer it also has rewards that make it worth that time and that effort. To be successful you must first understand what goes into a computer build, then comprehend what each part does and how it interacts with other pieces of hardware.

Taking Your Digital Products Into The Real World

Did you ever watch a film where things started off as live animation but then transitioned to cartoon when the lead protagonist jumped into the computer? This is the general basis for the film ‘Tron’ too, which has the hero zapped into a computer program where the world becomes CG and highly stylised. Being sucked into the computer is a dream we’ve all had at some point or other, and clearly a good basis for an action film, but unless you count VR it’s not something that’s ever really going to happen.

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Case Of Too Many Good Choices

Apple enthusiasts: Dilemmas galore
Launch of several Apple iPhone variants has made decision making for customers a tad difficult. The decision to opt for one particular model has never been more difficult than now. Customers can choose from iPhone 3, 3s, 4, 4s and 5, but it gets more interesting with the iPhone 5s launch, scheduled for later this year. The plethora of choices clouds the buyer’s judgement over choices. And it doesn’t get any easier. The 4s, which is the model immediately preceding the current release, is still far ahead of many mid to premium phones, even though it is two years old. It has one thing in its favour - the price. With the iPhone 5 selling at over £500, the 4s is a considerable discount, with very little lost in performance and features. 

The Worst Of Broadband

If you’re looking to get your first ever broadband deal, or even if you’re looking to switch provider, there are certain things that should be looked out for so that you can avoid the pitfalls.

Penalties for Exit

If you’re going to end a contract with a broadband provider then in most cases you will have to see the whole contract through to termination, or pay.  There are very few situations in which you won’t have to do this.  Some broadband providers will offer you a penalty fee in order to exit the contract.  Some will make the rather onerous demand that you pay for the remaining value of the contract in full.  Whichever the option, there will be financial outlay and you might well be better off just sticking with the existing contract and gritting your teeth.

Contract Vs. Pay As You Go Mobiles- Which Is Better?

Getting a new mobile is pretty exciting, but once you've got one, you're going to need service. Navigating the world of mobile service operators can be tricky. There are plenty of operators to choose from, and each has their own set of plans and tariffs. Today we're talking about how you get service to your mobile, what your options are and which might be the best deal for you. So, if you're looking for a mobile operator, keep reading to find out the best way for you to get service.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

GPS tracking - Different Types Of GPS Devices

Not only are there several uses for GPS tracking devices, there are also several different kinds of GPS tracking devices. If you’re thinking about getting a GPS tracking device, it’s recommended that you study up on what all of your options are so that you get the best device for your personal needs. The different types of GPS devices include GPS pushers, GPS loggers and GPS pullers. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Useful tips for writing a blog based on technology

Writing a blog can be an interesting pass time. It is not only an excellent medium to kill your time but writing a blog post on a regular basis also helps you refine your writing skills and enriches you with useful information. It helps you to become more dedicated towards your work, not to mention the popularity that you gain in the online world. One of the best SEO Companies in India suggests that a blogger, no matter what his niche, should always write on topics that the people would love to read about. A blog, after all, is for the people and therefore, it must cater to their needs at all times. As a rule of thumb, there are three things that you must always direct your energy towards. Firstly, you must decide the main objective for your blog followed by the type of content that you wish to write about. Once you have these two things sorted, the last thing that you need to take care of is the source of information. Given below are some tips that will help you write a user-friendly technology blog. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Latest Social Media Marketing News

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have evolved into some of the most powerful tools that marketers have at their disposal. For one, they are free, which makes them a great alternative for start-ups and other businesses that don’t have the capital to buy traditional advertising on television or radio. Secondly, they allow you to reach a huge group of people instantaneously, which can benefit any business. To get the most out of your campaign you need to stay on top of the latest social media marketing news. Here are some of the latest, most exciting developments in the industry.

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