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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Case Of Too Many Good Choices

Apple enthusiasts: Dilemmas galore
Launch of several Apple iPhone variants has made decision making for customers a tad difficult. The decision to opt for one particular model has never been more difficult than now. Customers can choose from iPhone 3, 3s, 4, 4s and 5, but it gets more interesting with the iPhone 5s launch, scheduled for later this year. The plethora of choices clouds the buyer’s judgement over choices. And it doesn’t get any easier. The 4s, which is the model immediately preceding the current release, is still far ahead of many mid to premium phones, even though it is two years old. It has one thing in its favour - the price. With the iPhone 5 selling at over £500, the 4s is a considerable discount, with very little lost in performance and features. 

Anyone who has every experienced an Apple product, be it the iPod, the iPad or even the iMac will attest that there is no other brand out there that can even come close to delivering on customer satisfaction from the time they buy the item to many years into the future. This is one of the reasons many people want to own an Apple product. 

Decision making, made easy
If you still can’t figure it out, we are here to help you choose the best iPhone variant that's balanced with the best price to feature ratio. As the iPhone 5 has been recently launched, the price of £529 and above is on the high side. This price is for a pay as you go model, you need to pay extra for getting a service contract on the phone. 

We advise opting for the iPhone 4s instead, as the features are similar and the value on offer seems better than iPhone 5. We can help you choose the best iphone 5 deals or iphone 4s deals. This is the hardest part. There so many deals out there and all of them carry a super punch. The key is to know two things.
  • First, you should know how you plan to use the phone.
  • Second is to understand the packages themselves.
The iPhone 4s is not just a phone. It’s a lot of things packed into a slim case. It’s one of the smartest smartphones on the market and uses technology and operating systems so far advanced that it’s still developmental in some areas. The point is you want an iPhone - no need to preach to the choir at this point. If all you want is an iPhone, then the 3 is too old and the 5, too expensive, that, logically leaves you with the 4s. Right? Well that’s what we thought. 

IPhone 4s: Why?
Apple iPhone 4s is a dream phone for most users. It has 3.5-inch retina display with good resolution support of 960X640. The primary camera is 8MP and has features which can record HD video with audio as well; you have interesting features like face detection in stills. The processing superiority of the phone is to be envied. It has an A9 1 GHz processor with 512MB RAM under the covers. The phone comes with options of either 16GB, 32GB and 64GB internal memory options. There are several iPhone 4s deals with 3G connection available for you to choose from. 

One of my favourite features in the 4s is that I can upload everything to the cloud. The 4s comes with the ability to sync and load to the cloud easily. All those videos, photos and content can be stored remotely. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you use the iPhone as a personal companion, this feature becomes invaluable.

User interface - Siri
There are two ways you can communicate with your 4s. This is the genius of the device. There is the standard touch screen where you tap, pinch and slide - ok, everybody knows that. Then there is the voice control. On the 4s it’s called Siri. Siri allows you to interact with almost every function - from making a call, to interacting with your calendar and text, as well as looking for locations on the map and pulling up a map or reminders. Granted, it’s the first generation and much improvement is still needed, but the 4s version is pretty nifty - and it works! You can even program the way Siri addresses you. So if you want it to call you Darth Vader - just say “Siri, call me Darth Vader” and from then on, that’s what it will do. Cool? 

8MP camera
You can blog with pictures on the go right now. No need to be anchored to your desktop. The point and click camera is crystal clear, even in low-light conditions. Once you’ve captured it, you can even edit and access your blog and upload it right away. Simply amazing. 

So, are you beginning to see why this is no ordinary phone? The motivation to choose an iPhone is understandable. The feel of an iPhone in your hands is like no other once you have handled one. Picking up another phone that may have similar aesthetics, similar screen gestures and icons, the spirit just isn’t there. That’s because Apple got it right in the design phase of the product. They knew that the devil was in the details and they hit the nail on its head. The result is a phone that is unparalleled in features and a steal at the prices and deals available now. 

iphone 4s deals: What to look for

Almost all providers require a 24-month contract with the iPhone 4s. To choose the best contract deal you should look for number of texts, minutes and data that is provided per month with the contract. Providers have bundled different type of services with the contract to suit needs of particular type of customers. The contracts start from £7.00 and go up to £33.00 every month. 

Deals: Why choose
When choosing iPhone 4s deals you should look at your usage pattern, meaning that if you text a lot, then opt for the contract which provides a good amount of texts free every month. You can compare the contracts that suit your budget from different providers, look for the offered services and any special offers with the contract before making the choice. Use comparison sites to easily check the relative merits of different price plans.

The iPhone 4s deals Sam Jones found online looked very affordable. To double check he searched price comparison sites and found an even better offer
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