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Thursday, July 11, 2013

GPS tracking - Different Types Of GPS Devices

Not only are there several uses for GPS tracking devices, there are also several different kinds of GPS tracking devices. If you’re thinking about getting a GPS tracking device, it’s recommended that you study up on what all of your options are so that you get the best device for your personal needs. The different types of GPS devices include GPS pushers, GPS loggers and GPS pullers. 

GPS Loggers

GPS loggers make a log at regular intervals of where a vehicle, person or object is. A majority of the newest GPS loggers have either an internal flash memory or a memory card in addition to a USB port so that data can be downloaded and studied whenever you wish. These types of GPS devices are most popular with joggers, hikers, aircraft pilots and backpackers so they can note their trail and keep track of their movements or prove that they’ve completed a certain task. GPS loggers are also popular with private detectives who are conducting an investigation and need a way to remain discreet and unseen. Parents use child GPS loggers to keep track of their child’s whereabouts at all times to make sure that they’re safe or where they’re supposed to be.

GPS Pushers

A GPS pusher “pushes” the most current position of the vehicle, person or object so that the gathered data can be studied and processed. This type of GPS device is often used by fleet managers to keep track of where vehicles have been and by motorists in need of direction. If a vehicle is ever stolen, a GPS pusher can alert the owner and law enforcement of its current location. They’re also used to track the location of a wild animal or a family pet if they were to ever become lost or wander away from home.

GPS Pullers
A GPS puller sends the device position at intervals and can be monitored at all times. One advantage to pullers is that they can also act as pushers when need be. Even though they currently aren’t one of the more widely used GPS devices, they’re steadily growing in their popularity. If you only need to know where something is at certain times, then you might want to look into tagging it with a GPS puller. Place them on expensive pieces of equipment or any other items that could become stolen. The way they work is that they receive either a broadcast signal or a text message and send back their location.

Some GPS devices can be rather expensive while others can be perfectly affordable. Rather than pay attention to only the price, you should also pay attention to the quality and the features of the device as well. Don’t be afraid to spend some extra money if it means keeping your children or your belongings safe and secure. One good idea is to read reviews of GPS tracking devices before you buy them so you have an idea of how effective it is, if it’s worth the price and how other people feel about how it works. Something else you can do is talk to a professional security company or expert to see if they have any recommendations to make.

Author bio: This article was provided by Eric T Worden of brickhousesecurity.com click here for more information on GPS tracking technology

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