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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How To Use Your Smartphone To Improve Your Credit

Have you had the chance to look at your credit lately? Chances are if you have you might have noticed it is not as good as it can be. This is going to be a problem because you not having the credit you need is going to really cripple you in a society that is very dependent on access to credit. Your credit score is more than just a number. It can affect you in the following ways.

  • Your credit score is seen as a character score. So this means if it is too low people who see it will assume you are a deadbeat who does not take care of bills and debts. It is going to hurt you when it comes to getting small stuff.
  • Your credit score is going to be used in a lot of cases when it comes to renting an apartment. So if your credit score is not good then this is going to make it tough. The same also applies when it comes to getting a car or a house.
  • Your credit score might prevent you from getting the job you want. A lot of employers these days are using credit scores in order to get a feel for how responsible a candidate might be in real life. With a low credit score you are going to be viewed in a bad light.
  • A low credit score is going to make it impossible for you to finance anything. So you will always have to have cash and this is not going to be easy.
With this being the case what can you do in order to improve your credit score? Do you try to go to one of those credit repair places you see advertised on television or in the back of magazines? Well that would be a bad idea, because these places are usually no good and all they will do is make you a lot of promises and take your money. What you can decide to do is make use of a tool you already have access to in order to start fixing up your credit. This tool would be your smartphone. Yes, your smartphone can be used for a whole lot more then just texting and surfing the internet.

Here are a few apps you can use for your smartphone to help fix up your credit along with some other resources.

The Equifax Application 
Equifax offers an application that you can use in order to keep track of your credit score. And it is not going to cost you a dime. You will be able to use this application to handle other tasks as well. The Equifax application can be used on an iPhone, an iPad or an Android phone. What this application will help you do is use your phones GPS location in order to help show you how your credit score measures up to other people around you. It is also going to notify you when there are key credit file changes.

Credit Repair from CreditRepair.com
The Credit Repair application is also not going to cost you anything. It comes from CreditRepair.com. What this application is going to do is give people more information when it comes to the default items they might have on their credit accounts. You will be able to look at these items and know exactly when they have been added or when they have been removed. You are going to be able to use this application to learn a lot about your creditors as well. This is going to be very beneficial to those who are trying to fix up their credit.

Web Nation, Inc. Credit Repair Guide
This is more of a resource than an application. It is for those who either have an iPhone or an Android. It is completely free as well. What you are going to get with this application is a lot of information about what steps you need to take in order to clean up your credit. You are going to be given additional links to good advice and information around the internet as well. This app works well for people who meet  the following criteria.
  • Want to fix up their credit but the process looks very intimidating. If a person knows where to start it is easy to get the process in motion. That is what this resource will help them to do.
  • Want to learn how to start improving their credit right now so that they do not have to have a low credit score for a long time. Just because your credit is bad now does not mean you have to keep doing the things that are making it bad.
  • People who want a way to get advice from experts who will really be able to help them understand what they need to do in order to fix up their credit. Once they know what actions to take it becomes easier to get started.
Do you believe you can keep walking around with your credit as bad as it is now? Your credit score is something that is going to impact you for the rest of your life. If it is not as good as it should be it is going to be seen as a dark cloud that will hinder anything you try to do. Credit is important and everyone needs access to it. When you use your smartphone in order to gain access to apps that will help you to fix up your credit you are really putting the power in your hands.

You will not have to read long books that only leave you with more questions than answers. You will not be forced to run in circles trying to find what you need. Applications in order to help you not only learn what is hurting your credit, but tell yo exactly what actions you need to take in order to clean it up are going to prove very beneficial. There are several other apps out there for helping you deal with credit problems then what was mentioned here. Take the time to research some of them.

Fred Linsworth is a freelance writer who is keen about finances, banking and marketing. He also writes for LEDA Real Estate among various other businesses.

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