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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Learning How To Make A Panorama: The 3 Main Options

3 options are open to you, as a person interesting in learning how to make a panorama, in terms of how you can get to learn. We will be closely examining the three options, to understand how you can use them to master the art of making panoramas. The panoramas in question here are 'compound photographs' that tend to have perspectives that are hard to capture using cameras. They tend to have perspectives that, at first glance, seem magical.

Panoramas can be made manually, or using software tools. But some highly specialized aspects of panorama making can only be realistically tackled using software. It can, for instance, be very hard to create 3D panorama representations manually: however good an artist you may be. The same task can, however, be accomplished in a matter of minutes, through a single click, if you are using the right software. Ultimately, though there may be nuances to it, the art of creating panoramas is one that can be learnt.

If you are interested in learning how to make a panorama, you can:
  1. Go through Internet-based tutorials on the subject: there are some quite comprehensive (and well rendered) tutorials online that you can take advantage of, to learn and master the art of making panoramas. If you want to derive the most benefit from these tutorials, you have to make a point of investing some time and effort in practicing the ideas you acquire through them. Like most graphic arts undertakings, the art of making panoramas is one that can only be learnt practically. So you read the instructions to understand what you need to do, and then proceed to do it practically – in order for real learning to be said to have taken place.  
  2. Have a professional teach you: you can request someone who has mastered the art of making panoramas to teach you. This way, you get to learn in an expedited way. The person teaching you is also likely to highlight to you the important things that you really need to pay attention to, the pitfalls you need to avoid when making panoramas and so on. This may actually be the only viable way to learn some of the more challenging aspects of panorama making. It may, for instance, be tricky for you to really understand how to create 3D panorama images by simply reading through tutorials. Having someone who really understands the art explain it to you can make even the most complex aspects of it easy to grasp, if you really pay attention.
  3. Teach yourself (through trial and error): if you have panorama making software installed on your computer, you can just play around with it, and in no time, get to master some aspects of the panorama making art. The software in question also tends to have 'help' features that you can refer to, and get tips on how to use the specific applications to make panoramas. We have occasionally come across some self-taught panorama artists who are, in practical terms, actually better skilled than those who studied the art at school.
Annabel Lee devotes herself into photo stitching. And thanks to that, she knows how to make a panorama very well.
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