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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 3 Web Designing Issues That Can Make or Break A Site

Compared to using the traditional media of advertising like newspapers, radio stations and the television, online marketing and advertising is now considered as a cheaper means of giving a service, a product, or an individual the exposure it needs to be sellable. In the era or internet connection, many small-scale and large-scale businesses “set up” shop online. 

Putting up a website does not only cost lesser, it allows the business proprietor to reach as many people as he can anytime. There are many factors, however, that affect a certain site’s ranking in the search engines and visibility in the worldwide web. Among the most crucial aspect that determine the website’s fate and charm is its design. 

A website and an actual office are very much alike. Both are venues of entertaining clients. Both showcase what products and services the company or the proprietor is offering. Both need to bear customer-friendly ambience. And both areas tell a lot about the company’s image and integrity. 

After buying a domain and deciding on the URL address, the next thing to do is to construct the website. Any SEO consultant would advise that a team of expert web designers and/or developers be hired to ensure an excellent website. In terms of web designing, below are the things to be thought of with utmost consideration.

The Aesthetic Aspect of the Website

Who would want to skim through web pages that are not pleasurable to the eye? This is the number one factor that will make web visitors stay or quickly go away upon first sight. The website needs to bear the company’s image in an attractive manner. There are many websites today that offer really good products and services but they don’t get noticed due to poor web designing.

Even the minute detail like the fonts affects the look. They should be readable yet interesting. Another consideration here is the choice of colors and graphics. Especially that staring at computer screens alone can strain the eyes, colors that are too bright or too dull or too much animation can bring the wrong impression to the viewer.

The Usability of the Website

It is not enough that the website is beautiful to look at. One of the greatest reasons why some people close the tab is that they get impatient with sites too complicated to navigate on or icons that are not working.
The web designing must take into consideration that although the site may be focused on a certain target group, it will be visited by anyone from anywhere in the world. Preferably, it needs to be available in several languages. The icons, links, and buttons must be organized in a “user-friendly” manner and must be functional at all times.

The Compatibility of the Design with Other Browsers and Screens

Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and the traditional Internet Explorer – these are among the several internet browsers being utilized all over the world. A website’s look and functionality can be affected by the internet browser. This is a factor that also needs to be considered in web designing.

Aside from the browser used, the screen of the device also affects the website’s appearance, depending on factors like screen resolution and even internet connection. A site with excellent web designing can cater all of the variations in terms of the all the said aspects.

Although there are many other factors that determine the SEO and internet traffic, web designing is an important marketing strategy that will make or break a site’s popularity. Inasmuch as many businesses build unique and eye-catching stores and logos, the web design should be invested in significantly.

Laura is an SEO marketing researcher for a certain SEO company. One of her studies focus on behaviour of web visitors. To know more about her visit her website.
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