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Sunday, September 8, 2013

8 Highly Recommended Free Video-Editing Apps for IOS and Android

If you’re not a savvy video editor yet wanna a good try, this magisto is probably your choice. It is capable of editing your videos and photos automatically and especially for who wanna make some interesting things on home videos or phone videos. So if you have not enough time, expeciences and patiences in editing videos, just take this one and you’ll get lot fun. The APP both support IOS and Android devices.


what iMovie flaunts is the HD movies that you can make with it. This app developed by Apple can make the videos you shoot by your iPhone into the gorgeous home videos and edit some video clips with a selections of built-in themes to beautiful HD movies and then along with sharing fuction too. While a special feature of iMove is support picture animation which indicates that you can have a transition from one photograph to the other. That’s really cool to make it look animated. But apparently it is exclusive for IOS devices.


Montaj can be an professional app for skilled videographers to make their own videos, and it can also be suitable for the novices to just starting editing videos. It allows you throw some clips together, add some music and filters to make an interesting video, and share it via Facebook/Twitter/Email to your friends. But it only have IOS version.


With the feature of capturing, editing and sharing, Splice is a powerful video-editing tool yet fairly easy-to-use, which allows you assemble clips, photos, music, text, visual effects easily with the feature of ‘drop-and-drag’, and offers some exclusive features like supporting multiple audia tracks controlling and precise synchronization. Additionally, the new version supported HD quality videos and in-app purchase. Available only for IOS.


Viddy is considered as the video-version Instagram yet with a longer videos of up-to-30-seconds. So it has the ability of recording clips of memories with multiple filters and a variety of music soundtracks. With one-click you can share your own videos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr, or with the Viddy community. Viddy has both the social app interface and the web page. Available both for IOS and Android users.


“The most talked about video app” said in NY Times, with this app, you can take videos of any length with special vintage video filters, share with your friends and families on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email/SMS. The amazing part is it supports the videos stored in the Cloud which you can watch your videos on any smartphone, computer or tablet. Socialcam is available for IOS and Android.

Cute Cut

This is a really powerful video-editing app. First it has beautiful bookshelf to manage your videos easily and clear interface which can operates easily. Then it has powerful video editing skills which allows you assemble videos, photos, music, text and sound to create your own professional HD videos with more than 30 tools. The humanized thing is the app offers plenty of instructions for users to get more details. Cute Cut is only available on App Store.


One special feature of Vyclone is it can automatically mix your uploaded video with the other videos of the same scene into one video. Is that cool? So you can shoot something from one angle, and if someone else has shot the same scene of different angles, then Vyclone would do the rest for you to create a new mixed video. Vyclone is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad on App Store.

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