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Friday, September 20, 2013

Awesome Technology That You Wear On Your Head


There was a time that technology tended to be clunky, uncool and unattractive. Early computers used to fill up entire rooms, and even when that stopped being the case they were still big heavy things that took up most of a desk. When mobile phones came along things got even worse: at first these were so huge as to look pretty much ridiculous when held next to the head, and no one really thought of them as fashion accessories or stylish features. If anything they were a nuisance that had to somehow be used in a way that didn't look stupid…

These days all that has changed and technology has become smaller, lighter and less conspicuous. These days we are starting to see wearable technology like smart watches really become a part of our culture, but just how far can this go before the fashionista in us says enough?

Take a look for instance at the technology we wear on our heads… it's not quite small enough enough yet to look inconspicuous, so it tends to just look dumb instead. Are we ready for this yet? Or is it just a fashion travesty one too many for now?

Google Glass
The first example that everyone should be thinking about right about now is Google Glass. This is an augmented reality device from Google that you wear over your eyes like a set of glasses. The idea is that information can then be superimposed over the world around you allowing you to see things such as the opening times of shops that you're looking at.

Early reports unfortunately suggest that this technology isn't quite there yet though in terms of functionality. There are issues with battery life, with privacy and with connectivity to get around. But more to the point, how does it look? And how do you feel wearing one?

Well the answer is… vaguely ridiculous. While Google have at least tried to make these things look okay, they still essentially look like some retro vision of the future or something that Cyclops from the X-Men might wear. They're very in-your-face (no pun intended) and they look even more ridiculous over other glasses. This combined with the hardware drawbacks then might lead one to presume that they aren't quite going to take over the world just yet.

The Rest

But Google aren't the only ones working on this kind of tech. Also guilty is a company galled 'Vuzix' which develops wearable monitors. Now they're aiming to take Google head on with the Vuzix M100, which works in a similar way but instead presents a floating screen just next to your right eye. The thing essentially looks like a massive Bluetooth headset that will make you feel like the Borg and is at least slightly less ugly suggesting that there are ways around this issue. But unfortunately it's also less practical as a result.

That's in public though, what about at home? At home there are plenty of new devices you wear on your head such as the Oculus Rift (on its way) and the Foc.US TCDS headset. With these things no one will have to see you wearing the technology, but will you still feel a little too silly even on your own?
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The author of this post is Anna Baker, an employee at Truly You, a leading hair restoration clinic. She indulges in yoga and pilates to keep herself fit and looking great.
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