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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Four Ways In Which IT Training Can Benefit Your Business


It goes without saying that information technology is an integral cog in the world of business. For many decades, we have come to rely on technological systems in some way or another. As time goes on, this reliance continues to grow, to the point that many businesses are utterly dependent upon an internet connection and whenever their connection goes down, they are temporarily out of service.

1 - Keeping up to date with change

With a dependence on IT systems comes a reliance on IT training. Some business owners fail to realise the importance of keeping themselves and their staff fully up to date with technological change. All too often, companies will update their software without training staff on the best ways to utilise this software. Even basic programmes like Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook are updated on a regular basis and contain a whole host of functions that so many office workers are unfamiliar with. IT training is the ideal way to ensure that all staff are completely up to speed with modern technology in order to use it to your business’s advantage.

2 - Improving communication across the globe

IT has completely revolutionized the way in which businesses operate. It makes communication cheaper and more convenient than ever, as only an internet connection is now required to converse with people anywhere in the world. This allows businesses to open up to an international clientele more effectively and effortlessly than ever before. Communication via email and in many cases text messages is incredibly simple thanks to modern technology. It doesn’t cost a penny to do a video conference with someone in another town, city or country which can save companies significant money when it comes to holding meetings. In many cases, a conference call can provide an adequate replacement to sending a member of staff off to a face to face meeting where you would be liable to pay for that staff member’s day out of the office, transport and maybe accommodation costs.

3 – Keeping business costs down to a minimum

Many businesses have recognised the potential to use IT to save cash. By taking IT training courses and scrubbing up on your knowledge, you are equipped with the knowledge to provide your business with the best IT solutions. With effective, time saving IT solutions put into place, you can save time on business procedures. When you save time, this saves your business money as it frees up the time of your current staff to undertake work that you may have had to otherwise recruit staff to do.

4 – Learning to socialize with customers

Some IT businesses are sending their staff for IT training on social media. Social media is becoming an increasingly effective tool for businesses of all kinds. Many companies make the mistake of assuming that social media is “easy” because anyone can use it. However, using it correctly requires a thorough understanding. Using social media on a personal level is different to using it as a business. Some people make the mistake of being unprofessional on business accounts, whilst others try to be too business like and fail to relate to their customers.

Olivia Lazenby is a well known recruitment consultant. She often recommends www.everythingtech.co.uk for people to gain employability skills. 

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