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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Infographic: How Does a DDoS Mitigation System Work?

The only way to prevent a DDoS attack from taking out your website is to implement a DDoS mitigation system. DDoS mitigation systems are typically automated – the software works by distilling millions of data points which it then analyses to determine if any part of that data presents a DDoS threat. The software carries out its analytical function on the basis of established DDoS attack metrics. However, these automated mitigation systems tend to be effective only part of the time for the simple reason that automated systems are fallible, primarily because they take time to catch up to the latest tactics employed by DDoS attackers. 

The DDoS mitigation system from Prolexic is far more effective than other such systems because it adds a human component. Each data point is simultaneously analyzed by skilled technicians in real time who can catch an imminent DDoS attack that the automated distiller software might have missed.

Created by the team of Prolexic Technologies.

Hundreds of millions of data points pour into a DDoS mitigation platform in real-time. Prolexic’s human mitigation method allows for potent distillation for clear and effective results with a highly identifiable attack fingerprint.

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