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Monday, September 30, 2013

Inforgraphic: The Benefits of Using Robots for Surgeries

In this age of technology, it is easy to develop a negative view of technology for the ways in which it has impeded human interaction. It is easy to assume that technology has caused the downfall of mankind since it seems that texting has replaced real-world conversations and interactions with people. The reality is that technology is not as bad as it first seems, because revolutionary advances have been created in fields like medicine as a result of technology.

It may seem eerie that robots are slowly taking over the medical field. The truth is that patients are benefitting from the capabilities of robots, and they have been shown to have a greater ability to perform precise surgeries than human surgeons. Robots are not subject to human errors that can frequently cause surgeries to go awry, such as fatigue or a loss of concentration. Robots are able to continue working on a task until it is completed.

One of the most significant benefits that patients reap after using medical machines is that they are able to return to their daily lives as soon as possible. The recovery time is expedited, and patients do not have to spend their time in a hospital setting. One can return to his or her daily activities, such as going to work or taking care of family members. The use of the Cyberknife has been a revolution for these reasons. When a patient receives a surgery with the Cyberknife, he or she is able to return to work in a short period of time. Also, there is no need for a patient to receive anesthesia when he or she undergoes an operation with the Cyberknife, so the use of this tool allows patients to avoid any risks that are associated with anesthesia.

If you are going to have a surgery completed in the future, then you should inquire about the possibility of using robots for the surgery. Using a robot for a surgery may just be the best way to ensure the utmost precision and accuracy in your operation. Robots can also help you to avoid having to experience a long recovery time after a surgery.

Rise of the Medical Machines
Source: Rise of the Medical Machines

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