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Monday, September 23, 2013

IPhone Screen Repairs And Other Fixings


It only took a second for it to slip from your grasp; your iPhone fell to the ground. Suddenly, it’s perfectly smooth face is scratched and cracked. Horrified, you try to wipe away the crack as though it were a smudge, but to no avail. Your iPhone’s screen has been damaged. However, there’s no need to worry; services are available for iPhone screen repairs, as well as other issues your iPhone may be having.

Free Diagnostics

Companies that offer services such as iPhone screen repair typically offer a diagnostic service too; allowing you, the customer, to know what problem (or problems) your iPhone is suffering from. Some companies even offer this diagnostic service for free so you will not have to worry about a fee and can choose whether or not to go forward with the suggested repairs once the diagnostic on your iPhone has been completed. This makes taking your iPhone in an easy and more-than-affordable method to finding out what’s wrong with your iPhone.

The service also gives you an idea as to an estimated amount that the required repair services will cost you so all of the fees are upfront; this is great when dealing with budgets as you will not have any surprises in your monthly costs as you are able to decline the repair services and keep your iPhone as is. What makes this service more valuable is the fact that the service is available for a range of iPhone models.

Catering to Most Models

Having older models of phones or any piece of technology can be a pain to bring in for repairs. Sometimes the parts are not available and neither is the knowledge base that would be capable of conducting the repairs. Thankfully, iPhone screen repair services, along with other repair services, are geared toward a range of the models. Beginning with the iPhone 3G, you can have this model go through the free diagnostic to determine the best course of repairing action it will need. Although this model may not seem old, having been released in 2008, the iPhone 3G is already five years old presumably making it harder to find services and parts for. Having this service available for iPhone models as old as the 3G is important, especially if that’s the model you have that is in dire need of repair.

Following not too far behind is the iPhone 3GS, which was released in 2009, a year after the 3G. This makes the model equally difficult to make repairs own due to the model’s age. The good news, of course, is that there are iPhone screen repair services along with other repair services available to you should you own this model.

The newer models, ranging from the 4 to the 5 are also available, although more widely. This availability is due to the currency of the models, the oldest being the 4 which was released in 2010, and allows for them to be more easily repaired thanks to the knowledge readily available. If your iPhone model is a 4 or more current, this ensures that iPhone screen repairs will not be an issue and that companies offering iPhone repairs will be ready for your model. Of course, the best iPhone repair company will offer a wider range of services from button repair to camera repair to headphone jack repair among many others making them your first choice in iPhone repair.

The nice thing about the repair service is that only the work you specify to be done to your iPhone is actually done to your iPhone. In order for the company to charge for more labor than that, they require you to sign, okaying the extra work should more issues be found that need to be repaired. This gives you full control over what is or is not done to your phone in regards to repairs, ensuring that you will not be stuck with a bill for services that you did not want or ask for. Having this type of policy in place is great, especially since the company usually involves more than just iPhone screen repair. iPads and iPods are also high on the priority list of repairs making it convenient for you to have your many ‘iThings’ repaired at an affordable rate with cost and time estimates given up front with a free diagnostic service.

This article was written by Mark Hughes, who prefers having the iPhone screen repair in Fort Worth, done by independent repair shops, than burn a hole in his pocket at AppleCare. 
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