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Friday, September 13, 2013

Printers – The Greatest Addition to Computer Technology

In today’s world which is mostly driven by technology, the most vital role is played by a computer. Not long ago, by the word computer, we used to understand a big box named CPU, a box like monitor, a keyboard and mouse. But, there’s been a change in the concept. Now, all of them are more effective and efficient and also consume less space than before.

Today, we cannot think of our life without computers. From home to office purpose, we need a computer in every sector of our life. Apart from the various operations that we can perform with a computer, we can also use it for entertainment purpose. Moreover, with the latest internet services, we can also perform several tasks like bill payment, ticket booking, cash transfer, and shopping just by sitting at home.

Since its arrival, a computer has evolved a lot. Various accessories have been invented and added to it in order to reduce the work load of human being. Now, one can easily print some pictures or documents with the help of a printer. It is one of the most useful computer accessories that have ever been invented.

There was a time when people couldn’t even think of printing at home due to the cost. But today, very few houses are there where there is a computer, but there isn’t a printer.

Yes, the prices of printer and printing have been diminished to that extent. Among all the printers available, the inkjet printer is the most popular one. We all love printing. But, only few of us are aware of the following facts about inkjet printers –

1. Inkjet printers can be classified as non impact printers unlike dot matrix printers. The ink of an inkjet printer is printed onto a paper by means of nozzles.

2. One can get high quality printouts with the help of Inkjet printers that are like Laser printers.

3. When it comes to the printing speed, Laser printers are much faster than Inkjet printers.

4. Inkjet printers are widely used around the world. From business to commercial sectors, these are the most used printers.

5. A resolution of about 300 dots per inch is generated by an Inkjet printer in general.

6. Being portable, inkjet printers are the most popular ones for home and office purpose.

7. The mechanical components used in Inkjet printers are much smaller than those used in Laser printers.

8. PPM or Pages per Minute is the term that denotes the speed of a printer.

9. The best Inkjet printers can print up to 20ppm in Monochrome mode and about 12ppm in color.

10. The quality of printouts of an Inkjet printer depends on the quality of ink used and also on the type of paper used for printing.

11. The maximum color resolution possessed by an Inkjet printer is 2400x1200 dpi.

12. In case of inkjet printers, the processing of data that is to be printed occurs in PC. But, in case of Laser printers, these operations take place in the printer itself.

HP DeskJet 3620 Color Inkjet Printer – One of the Best

Once you are out of ink, you can always go for new cartridges. Many people prefer refilling the old ones. But, it is not a good idea as the life expectancy of the printer is at stake. So, always go for new cartridges when you are out of ink. When you are buying a new cartridge, make sure you buy them from an authentic place where you will not only get the best quality assurance, but also the best price range that none other can provide.


Owning a printer is not a big thing today. The hardest part is to maintain it. If you are willing to keep it running for a really long time, always avail original cartridges from an authentic store.

Summary: The prices of printers as well as printing cartridges have been unbelievably slashed in the past few years. Go for a good printer and original cartridges to enjoy happy printing for years.

Author's Bio: Myke Thomas is a renowned author who writes articles on Dell Ink Cartridges and related topics. He has a vast experience in writing highly informative articles. His articles have been helpful to many readers.

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