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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Rise of Mobile

From clunky mobiles of the 80's to the latest Samsung or iPhone, no technology has spread so quickly to saturate a worldwide market
- There are 6.8 billion cell subscriptions worldwide. 
- 1918--German military trains used mobile phone-like devices. 
- 1926--German Reichsbahn and mail service offer mobile train phones to first class passangers. 
- 1926--Artist Karl Arnold creates cartoon for a satirical magazine in which "wireless telephony" occurs in  the streets. 
- 1931-- Erich Kastner includes mobile phones in a children's book description of a future utopia. 
- 1940's--Mobile phones available in luxery cars in large U.S. cities. - 1961-- Leonid Kupriyanovich, soviet engineer presents a handheld mobile phone 
- 1973--Motorola becomes first company to produce a handheld mobile phone. 
- 1978--1G service begins 
- 1990's--2G service begins and massively expands. 
- 2001--3G service begins. 
- 2009--4G expansion begins.

The Rise of Mobile
Source: The Rise of Mobile
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