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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Top 3 Technological Predictions by the Futurists

When it comes to the future of science, machines or technology, the futurists can actually dish out a lot of exciting and even downright scary ventures such as the medical transcription in India. Below are some of the top futurists’ predictions in the world of technology.

1. Zero size intelligence

Do not take this literally. Well obviously no one desires to have zero intelligence. However, if the same zero size intelligence concerns your computer, and then it is undoubtedly an advantage. In the computing language, zero intelligence is tantamount to packing a large number of brains in the tiniest possible package. The advances in the near future of computers are focused on creating small size computers to a scale that its housing becomes completely zero. The advent of computers brought personal computers in large sizes that would fill an entire room. Later, it got reduced to desktops, laptops and now to palms. 

Wait for the future as it is all set to bring atom powered transistors as well as casings for the size of microchips to you. The size of these technologies has been predicted to be almost zero. In other words, these would not even be visible to the naked eye. In addition to demanding zero space, the size reduction in computing will also aid in increasing the processor speed to an almost double level and that too after every two years. However, no predictions have been made as far as the lowering of costs of technology and innovation is concerned.

2. Beyond Moon and Mars

The twenty first century has given the space world with a lot of hits lately especially with a cuts to the budgets of the international space programs. NASA is all geared up to launch its Space Launch System by 2017. It has claimed this to be out of the most powerful rockets in the space history. Once the planned send-off of this space launch send-off has been made, the scientists at NASA intend to send a four astronaut crew up in the space. This may be the moon or any other planet. Even though the world has recently experienced some economic downturns but that does not stop people in private sectors to aim high. A lot of corporations and individuals these days have started to buy their own tickets for space explorations.

3. Neurohacking

Well, the next big venture in technology enables humans to read mind. Yes, this can actually happen in a few years from now down the lane. After medical transcription in India, these days the neuroscientist are working on finding measures to read the mind and brain of people with the help of neuron machines. This research has been under work for the past few decades and has been the subject is being thoroughly studied, researched and explored by a wide spectrum of scientists and researchers across the globe. 

However, only the researchers in California at the University of Berkeley have been so far able to show some progress on the same. The entire concept revolves around translating the electrical activity in the human brain through the use of decoding the brain waves. Such an invention will also help patients suffering from dementia who face problems with the handling of neurotransmitters and find it difficult to hold thoughts or retain speech for a longer time. The technology advancement will aid them in getting their thoughts and words out verbally before they tend to forget the same. However, the advantages and disadvantages of neurohacking technology are still debated as some people find it little frightening as it may be used for false motives.

Author Bio:

Paul Linday is a researcher who holds a graduation degree from the Boston University. His recently published a paper focused on the scope of medical transcription in India.
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