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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Uncovering The Broadband Only Niche


The advertisements service providers have dealt us would make many of the population assume that all package deals comprise of broadband, television and phone options. However, many individuals do not require all three but feel they are forced into purchasing them. It has been seen that broadband is the most favored and sometimes it is the only feature needed. The fact is, broadband only deals are available despite being poorly marketed. It should be noted that while they are available, these deals are incredibly limited and it is only if you have a phone line that your options are greater. Before exploring the broadband only deals it is important to consider various influential factors.

The ADSL broadband only deals on the market

The most common type of broadband connection in the UK is the ADSL connection.  The problem with this type of connection is that it runs off the copper phone lines and to get ADSL broadband you will require both a modem and micro-filter which is attached to the phone line.  The micro-filter is necessary because it separates the ADSL signal from the phone signal.  This is what allows you to be on the internet and the phone at the same time.  You generally do not have to worry about the filter as a technician will install it for you when you get ADSL broadband. However, if you are looking at getting ADSL broadband only deals then you have to must be aware of a certain factors.

Phone pole with phone and mainly electric lines
Phone pole with phone and mainly electric lines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As aforementioned, to obtain an ADSL broadband only deal you will have to have a phone line.  The phone line can be through a different provider but it there must be one.  This is due to the connection type and the phone lines it runs off.  Most providers will try to persuade you to take a deal that includes the phone line for a number of reasons.

It is a simpler option for them.  If a provider offers you both the broadband and the phone line it is easier for them to control.  They will be able to monitor the broadband as well as the phone line rental and complete any steps they feel are required. 

Increased income for the company.  All service providers are businesses and they want to make the most money off of their clientele as possible.  The way that they can get more money from you is through offering you more expensive deals or by you having a number of services with them.  The more services you use, the more you have to pay.  This increase in revenue is only one of the numerous reasons why the majority of providers want you to take phone lines as well.

Fibre optic or cable only broadband only deals

The cable or fibre optic broadband connection does not transmit over the phone line like the ADSL connection.  This means that if you are looking at broadband only deals you do not need to have a phone line to get this connection.  There are a number of benefits you get from fibre optic cables.  The main one is the increase in download speeds and this is due to the structure of the cables which are made from plastic and glass.  The plastic and glass allows the data to move along more quickly as opposed to the copper cables used in ADSL broadband connections.  Download speeds will also not decrease the further the cables are run.  This is a major problem among people who use an ADSL connection.

One disadvantage of the fibre optic option is that this connection is that it is not available everywhere.  Only around 60% of the country is able to get fibre optic broadband.  This restricts the number of people who are looking for broadband only deals.  If they are not in the fibre optic coverage areas and do not have a phone line then they are truly limited in their broadband options.

There are a number of service  providers who will offer this type of connection.  The one with the largest number of fibre optic customers is Virgin Media, who also offer the greatest download speeds.  It is possible to get this connection from other providers but you will not have the opportunity of getting the top 100mb per second speeds that Virgin Media offers. 

The satellite broadband only option

If you are living in a more rural part of the UK then your only option of access to the internet may be satellite broadband.  In order to get onto the internet with this connection you will need a satellite dish installed at your home.  In addition to the satellite dish you will need a DVB modem which can be connected to your computer.

At the moment there are two different satellite broadband services available on the market.  The first is a one way system that provides fast download speeds but very slow upload speeds.  This is the more popular option of the two.  The second option is a two way system connection which uses the satellite dish to send and receive data at a consistent rate.  This option is rather costly and may be affected by the weather.  It should be noted that the entire system can be quite expensive to install while makes it a very impractical option for people who are looking for broadband-only deals as an economy measure.

The mobile broadband only service

If you do not own a phone line and are outside of the fibre optic network then mobile broadband is your only option.  This type of broadband connection is gaining popularity since the increased use of mobile devices in the home such as the tablet.  Nowadays it is possible to get a mobile broadband deal via a mobile phone service provider. 

The mobile broadband or 3G connection works off the same signal towers as regular mobile phones. In order to obtain this broadband connection you will require a 3G dongle. This dongle is a small device that works a mobile modem and connects to the internet via a USB port. Nowadays laptops are available with a 3G modem built-in and if you own one of these you will not require a dongle.

Sam Jones was interested in broadband Only deals.  He found that there were plenty to choose from and with sites like uSwitch it only took a few minutes to find them.

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