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Monday, October 28, 2013

6 Awesome Video & Movie-Making Apps For Your Tablet

Do it yourself videos and movies are everywhere. Whether you want to make them for purely personal reasons or for professional reasons, it’s ever more important for you to have access to the best video and movie making apps, so you can get the results you want. Apps are here, apps are there, apps are everywhere -- and so are the opportunities and ideas for great videos and self-made movies.
Without further ado, here are six awesome video and moving making apps to help you unleash your 21st century Shakespeare or your closet George Lucas….

VidTrim Pro

This highly rated video editor and organizer for Android provides you with multiple features which include trimming, frame grabbing, video effects, extract audio for making MP3s out of your videos, and transcoding for making MP4s and adding music soundtracks with ease and precision. The app also makes social media sharing of your videos easier than cooking a Hot Pocket. Users claim that this app is highly intuitive to get to know and easy to use with just a touch of practice. If you’re awful with video editing software, this app can be your solution to your problems and render you fearless. Users love the way it trims and transcodes. The designer of VidTrim Pro recommends first using the free, ad-supported VidTrim app. 


This is one of the most highly rated video making and editing apps. No matter how much of a novice video editor  you are, no matter how slow and dense concerning video editing you consider yourself to be, the no-cost Magisto app analyzes your photographs and videos and splices together everything with its masterful AI mind, so that you always end up with a professional-quality video. Users rave about its ease of use, its unfailing ability to make the most beautiful and seamlessly-flowing videos of any app of its kind, and its “magical intuition”. 

FX Movie Director

This free app is designed to allow you to seem just like a big-time Hollywood special effects studio all by your little lonesome self. Want your own home-made videos to have the look and feel of a big-budget science fiction or action-thriller movie? This is the app for you then. With FX Movie Directi, you can add special effects that last for 10 seconds or more to your computer-produced videos to give them an authentic big cinema production feel. This app also includes 24 cinematic filters so that you can enhance the look and feel of any type of scene in any video. 

Secret Video Recorder Pro

This highly rated app should only be used by people who have a conscience! It’s perfect for capturing the “unpolished”, unscripted, spontaneous moments in nature or in social settings to add a realistic, improvised feel and sound to your videos without spooking anything or making anyone tense and uptight. This hidden camera app features no camera shutter sound...no preview...and one touch recording of audio or HD videos. You can even turn your screen off and continue recording, and receive phone calls while the hidden camera or hidden mic is still rolling. 

Media Converter

This free, multi-threading media converter lets you take nearly any video that you have and convert it into one of 11 different formats, covering pretty much any option you can use. Users marvel at how precise it is. 


Want to make seamless, professional-looking stop-motion animation (including real claymation) or time-lapse sequences in just a few minutes? If so, then this app is your solution. From onion-skinning to adjustable playback speed control, this app has it all. The designer recommends that you first try out the free version first.

With these apps, soon you’ll be getting calls from Hollywood, New York, and Vancouver…

Sara Wells is a tech blogger who writes on behalf of companies such as Protectyourbubble.com smartphone insurer, a popular company that insures gadgets people can’t live without.

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