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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Benefits Of A QWERTY Keyboard On A Smartphone


There are many smartphone handsets out there that have been given a QWERTY keyboard but there are also plenty that have not, so what are the benefits?  The format has proved to be very successful with the BlackBerry range and the QWERTY keyboard is something of an asset here, firstly because it allows the user to be a little quicker with their typing.  This means that both emails and text messages can be completely more quickly.  The buttons on a physical QWERTY keyboard can often be easier to use than those on a virtual keyboard.  As the vast majority of users will send a minimum of one text each day, not to mention replying to emails, there is a great deal of typing on the handset and buttons that respond properly are a bonus. A business mobile phone is certainly more effective with a proper keyboard even though it means a smaller screen.

English: QWERTY keypad from mobile phone Nokia...
English: QWERTY keypad from mobile phone Nokia E61i. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Those who have a touchscreen will find that it does not respond as well if you have fingers that are dirty and even less well if hands are wet.   Keeping hands clean is a must for a touchscreen but even this does not prevent natural oils being left on the surface of the screen which can also hamper the use of it in the future – you will find that you are cleaning it continually. 

Typing is therefore more accurate.  If you have a handset that uses the numerical keypad for typing you have to press it a certain number of times before the character that you want appears on the screen.  This uncertainty is removed with the addition of a QWERTY keyboard.  It also helps a great deal that the vast majority of people are very familiar with the layout of a QWERTY keyboard, so finding the letters that you want is not a problem.  This has come about because most people have a computer or laptop at home and the QWERTY keyboard is standard on these devices.


As these benefits make it far easier to use the keyboard and send messages the user will find that they are less tired by the process.  You can send the messages quickly and are not spending time trying to make sure that the characters are correct.  Touch typing skills will come in very useful here as it helps to make the typing process quicker again.

Adding a QWERTY keyboard to a handset makes it quite easy to make good use of the apps on the phone.  You are not relying on the responsiveness of a touchscreen, and in some cases these are not very responsive.

Built to Last

A major benefit to a handset that has a QWERTY keyboard is that they tend to be very well-made and are built to last.  The buttons are stronger than those on a numerical keypad and will not wear out as quickly.  As many users are continually on their smartphones sending messages this is something that is a requirement.  Nobody wants the phone to fall apart after just a few months.

QWERTY keyboard phones were not very fashionable at one time but there are plenty of people who now appreciate their benefits and who are boosting their popularity once more.

Phil Turner needs to buy a new business mobile phone and is waiting for the new Blackberry Q10 so he can have a proper keyboard again, like he had in the old days of the first Blackberry phones.

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