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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DVDs versus USB Flash Drives

As a professional photographer, there are any number of decisions you have to make throughout the course of a project, including how best to present the completed pictures to your client. DVDs have traditionally and consistently been the medium of choice when it comes to photo storage. However, DVDs are prone to getting scratched, warped, or even corrupted through use. It also takes a lot longer to upload pictures to a DVD, which can cause a significant time delay for you if you have a lot of projects on tap. On the other hand, USB flash drives are far more durable and portable. You can upload large blocks of information to them much faster than you can to a DVD. And pen drives can be used to share pictures from any device. Given the significant advantages of flash drives, it is little wonder why customers and photographers alike prefer them to DVDs.

Created by the marketing team at Custom USB, this infographic provides detailed information and a comparison between DVDs and USB Flash Drives.

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