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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Can I Protect My Laptop From Damage?

The main selling point of laptops is the fact that they are portable. The convenience of having all of your files on the move, with the ability to complete your work or access the internet pretty much anywhere is ideal for many of us. With this convenience comes two inevitable drawbacks – security and damage. Whilst you’re transporting your laptop from one place to the next, it is at risk of being stolen or becoming damaged.

Benq laptop
Benq laptop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is likely that you’ve spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds on your laptop, making it a valuable possession. For the majority of us, the cash value of the laptop is not the issue. When your laptop contains all of your work, that valuable information is irreplaceable. If your laptop is used for work, you could be temporarily put out of work if you lose or damage your laptop. Due to the importance of your laptop, protection it from damage and theft is incredibly important.

Laptop bags

When you’re carrying your laptop out and about, it is at risk of becoming damaged by being dropped or bumped into. It is also at risk of being scratched. Carrying your laptop around in a bag which is not designed for laptops will not offer more protection. If anything, the other items in your bag could cause more damage to your laptop.

However, specialist laptop bags have inbuilt, secure padded sections for your computer. Laptop bags come in a variety of forms including backpacks, briefcases and messenger bags. Always ensure that your laptop fits snugly in that section of the bag. If your laptop is loose within the bag, it will not be fully protected.

Laptop cooling

All laptop owners are aware of the problem that overheating causes. Laptops can become overheated which quickly slows down the laptop and eventually damages the computer permanently. The heat is generated by inner components of the laptop such as the processor. There are ways to resolve this problem.

Laptop cooling tools are available to purchase. Laptop cooling pads are great devices which you sit underneath your laptop to push cool air in the direction of your laptop. Laptop cooling desks are also available to purchase which lift your laptop away from the desk, allowing air to circulate all around the laptop, lowering the temperature underneath your laptop.

Laptop locks

If you’re carrying your laptop around in public, you might want to consider physical security to protect it. Maybe you work in a huge office which houses a number of companies and you are required to leave your laptop lying around when you head from one meeting to the next. For extra peace of mind, you could purchase a laptop lock and cable which keeps your computer attached to a wall or solid surface.

Protecting your data

Many of us store vital information on our laptops which is irreplaceable. Without backing up this data, you risk losing all of your work permanently. No one can predict when a hard drive will fail. Get into the habit of regularly backing up your data. 

Dan Burton is a technology whizz. He often has to travel with his laptop. To keep it safe he bought a laptop bag from www.taylorhe.co.uk.

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