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Saturday, October 5, 2013

How To Clean A Printer


As everything else in your home, once in a while, your printer needs some regular cleaning. It is very easy and it is the best alternative to buying a new one. However, before we start, we will have to remind you that the first thing you are supposed to do is checking the manufacturer's instructions. Usually, they are written on a sheet of paper and go with the printer itself. However, if you don't have such a documentation, you can check the manufacturer's website. In recent years most of the provide plenty of useful information on what to / not to do when cleaning your printer. So here are some further tips on how to clean your printer properly.

English: An Epson C45 Inkjet Printer.
English: An Epson C45 Inkjet Printer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to clean outside of your printer?

Before you start cleaning it, make sure you have turned it off. Wipe the dust off. Then take a clean, cotton cloth and soak it into some home-made solution of vinegar and water. Another useful tip is to use a special detergent, since it will do even a better job. If you clean your printer regularly, you may get away with only running the cloth on the surface. However, be very careful! Never spray the preparation directly on the printer, since it can moisten the inside of the printer and do some serious damage.

How to clean the print head?

After some time, print heads can get clogged, which may affect on the overall job of your printer. That is why, they also require some regular cleaning. Today, most operating systems, such as Mac and Windows, have self cleaning programs, which make the job very easy. Here we offer you a short guide of the Mac's printer self-cleaning program.

Click on 'system preferences' → 'Open print and fax'. Then go to 'Open Print Queue'->'Maintenance'->'Cleaning' and click 'OK'. In order to achieve the best results, run the whole program at least twice, printing out a test page after each cleaning.

Cleaning the inside of your printer

Here are a few simple steps for you to follow, if you have decided to clean your printer manually.
  1. Before starting, once again, turn your printer off and leave it for some time to cool off.
  2. Take out all the movable parts such as the cartridge and the paper trays.
  3. Use a cotton, dry cloth to wipe of the dust particles from the toner cavity.
  4. Take a brush and clean the printer mirror.
  5. Clean the spilled toner
  6. Put all the parts back in the printer and print a test sheet of paper in order to make sure you've done everything properly.

Hot Tip: If you accidentally spill some toner, you can use some clean-up cloths. They are specially made for such unpleasant situations, since they contain a chemical which attracts toner. Also, don't try to remove toner from your hands by washing them with hot water. It can melt and penetrate your skin. This will make it much harder to clean.

Connie Smith loves to write about cleaning and technologies. She has years of experience providing end of tenancy cleaning and she knows how to take proper care of her computer and printer. 
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