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Friday, October 25, 2013

It Is About Time You Ditch Your Cable Guy And Not Compromise On Good TV!

Most people spend a lot of money on cable and other entertainment fees, and they do not enjoy it at all. You find that the only time you watch your TV is in the evenings and weekends. The rest of the time you are either too busy at work, or there is nothing worth watching on TV. To top up the pain, if you have not made your payments, the cable goes out unceremoniously regardless of how loyal you have been in the past.

A modern home must have constant electricity bills, water bills, security bills, and maintenance bills that are unavoidable. When you add cable to that, it becomes harder to manage. In this economy, any way to cut the monthly bills is accommodated with high appreciation. In the modern world, it is not prestigious to be a spend thrift. Saving money is the new modern way of living. There are new trendy alternatives to cable TV that offer the same luxury at a lower fee.

For you to enjoy good TV you do not have to spend a fortune on cable. The good thing with the modern world is that technology keeps evolving and bringing new ideas that help to cut costs. The newest trend is Internet TV that is winning more people every day. This is because it has proven to have more advantages over cable TV. All you have to do is get a reasonable bandwidth and your TV needs are sorted.

1. You watch it at your own convenience

You do not have to be home in time to watch the game if you can watch it anytime you want to. With Internet TV, you are able to watch shoes at your own time. You do not even have to worry about the notorious problem of broadcast flags that used to prevent recordings on cable TV. If you have a good smart phone or tab, you can watch your TV on the go. You only have to be within Internet range to watch your shows and that gives you increased convenience and comfort.

2. Enjoy TV with fewer ads

Nothing is more annoying as having your favourite show being interrupted by a long series of commercials. Most of the cable companies make their revenue by the charges they make from commercials. Therefore, you will realize that the best shows with the highest rating also have the highest rate of commercials. Internet TV comes with less ads hence allowing you to enjoy your show in peace.

3.You have more options

The web is a wide platform that you can barely explore in your whole lifetime. Cable TV comes in packages that are limited by the amount of money that you are willing to part with. This means that you only get the channels that you have paid for. With Internet TV, you are exposed to a wide selection such that you can barely go through them all.

4.Have a timeless selection

Internet TV has many shows and channels available to you at all times. You are able to watch old shows that you missed a long time ago as well as the newest ones that are still in production. A wide selection goes from the familiar ones to the ones you have never heard of and you are at liberty to choose the ones you like. You will be able to discover new ones as you peruse away.

5. It is the cheaper option

Cable TV is not a cheap luxury to have. The tricky part is that all the good channels are packaged in the premium options and these are the ones that cost the most. It is addictive and you find that you keep digging more into your pocket to afford the leisure. The good part about Internet TV is that all you need is a stable Internet provider. You do not have to pay extra fees for watching TV online. The size of your bandwidth is not the determinant of the quality of TV you will have access to.

Most production houses are outing their shows online where you can even watch some great ones free. Fans record games and upload them online, so there is no need to turn blue if you miss the game. You can always catch it online at your convenience.

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Today’s feature contributor, Michael Judge, is a frequent blogger who works for a company that specializes in providing Bell internet tv called VMedia. He likes surfing and spends his spare time on the beaches.

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