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Monday, October 7, 2013

Mobile Security For Enterprise Companies


Mobile Device SecuritySmartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are in the process of changing the way many things are done, including the way we do business. Of course, even as mobile computing opens certain doors for us, they open up quite a few others that perhaps we didn't intend to open. These doors, of course, are the threats to security that mobile computing presents, which creates new challenges for businesses as they begin to rely more and more on mobile devices.

Let's back up a second here and look at the bigger picture. With mobile computing becoming hugely popular, we have entered an era that has colloquially become known as the BYOD era - that is, the Bring Your Own Device (to work) era. According to BusinessWire, a 2013 study found that nearly 24% of workers had begun bringing their own devices - laptops, smartphones, tablets - to work with them for work-related uses. What this means is that businesses have to take new steps to educate their employees on safe practices to alleviate these new security vulnerabilities.

Consider these other statistics, if you're not convinced:

- From 2012 to 2013 the number of employees practicing BYOD rose by 2%.
- Nearly half of these employees hadn't enabled password protection on their devices.
- One-third of users reported using the same password for all of their online accounts.
- 61% of users polled admitted to writing down their passwords on a piece of paper.

As you can see, the issue really isn't with the inherent vulnerability of these technologies, but in the practices of the employees using them. It really is an issue of ubiquity: the more devices there are in play, the more potential security threats there are. It is estimated that 55% of smartphones used in business will be owned by employees by 2015.

Aside from attempts to verbally drive home the importance of safe security practices, are there any other practical steps that companies can take to safeguard their sensitive data?

Mobile Security Options for Enterprises

There are a number of mobile security options. One of these is FixMo, which specializes in both government agencies and enterprise organizations. FixMo offers mobile security and mobile risk management solutions to help keep company data where it belongs, and helps to mitigate the weak link in any security solution: the human element.

FixMo is among the few mobile security firms to offer defense-grade security solutions that allow, and even encourage, the BYOD approach. IT professionals in a variety of industries have confirmed that BYOD, while offering new challenges, is an overall positive experience that offers a boost for company morale. FixMo works with their clients to continue existing practices while adding new layers of security and peace of mind.

The FixMo approach has identified a number of problem areas for mobile device usage, including malicious mobile apps, malware, remote cyber attacks, rooted or hacked operating systems, and many other elements that put corporate data at risk. Obviously this is a point of concern for corporations that take corporate espionage seriously.

A company that invests in a comprehensive security solution will experience a full-service suite of security measures. Corporate data will be kept encrypted and contained under IT control. Security vulnerabilities and tampering will be detected before it's been exploited by malicious parties. Data security measures will be consistently complied with, up to and following security audits. All of this is contained within FixMo's Enterprise Mobility Platform (FixMo EMP).

Part of the success of FixMo's approach is the ability to create SafeZone Secure Workspace Solutions. With SafeZone, corporate data can be secured and - if necessary - wiped separately from the personal data that also resides on the employee's device.

Peace of Mind for Sensitive Data

At the end of the day, it comes down to a simple question: how much faith can a company place in its employees to maintain safe data practices? It's got nothing to do with trustworthiness or the character of the employees in question; the simple fact is that mistakes can happen. Instead of hoping that your IT department has thoroughly explained the risks to your employees, and assuming that every employee follows their recommendations to the letter, why not take a serious stand against mobile data risks? It's time to put your trust in a mobile security company. You'll likely find that peace of mind is priceless.

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Jeff Oxley is a digital security specialist that helps enterprise level organizations keep their data secure.

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