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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Unheard Shortcuts In Windows Media Player Classic


With many types of format files supported, for sure Media Player Classic is a well-known program that is used by a lot of people across the globe. This program appears in two versions: the media player classic home cinema and the media player classic black edition. Still, when using this application people like to have short commands. That is how they do not have to make a tone of clicks and check settings. So here are top five keyboard shortcuts that are very popular in Media Player Classic.

English: Screenshot of captured with Window Cl...
English: Screenshot of captured with Window Clippings EspaƱol: Captura de un programa libre llamado media player classic (ver http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_player_classic) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For sure one of the most well-known shortcuts for Media Player Classic is Space. The Space button represents a shortcut for playing and pausing music. So, a person can sit comfortable on the chair, and simply press Space button for making music or videos load or not. Even though the music stops, the fact is that is just paused so the next second you press again space, music or video will start playing from the section where it remained. Full screen can also be inserted with two clicks of the mouse.

Alt And Return

Another very popular shortcut for Media Player Classic is presented by the combination of keys Alt and Return. That is how a person will transform Media Player Classic into a full screen version. Full screen option is perfect for watching movies and different videos. Usually, for making the image bigger a person has to make some clicks. But now everything is much easier with the combination of just two keys from the keyboard.

Arrow Up And Arrow Down

In addition, a top shortcut for playing with the Volume in Media Player Classic is made with the arrow up and arrow down. These arrows increase and decrease the intensity of music, without having to search all the time the settings of the application and test the volume.

W Key

For people that love watching movies in Windows Media Player Classic for sure subtitles are quite important. So for this setting there is also a shortcut created. Therefore you just have to press the W key from your keyboard. That is how this key will enable or disable the subtitle for any movie you are watching.

S Key

Still for subtitles, there is the S key that helps the viewer to see the subtitle cycle. That is how the user will be able to see the good work of the subtitle and match the audio with subtitle without any other problem. So subtitles are not anymore a problem for people that want to watch movies by the help of this application.

It is clear that these are the top five shortcuts that are used worldwide. They are quite efficient for people that like to watch movies or listen to music. With a simple press of a certain key any setting can be enabled or disabled depending on the preferences of the person that uses the application. That is how Windows Media Player Classic is a useful application that includes many other shortcuts for the easy usage of the program.

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