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Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Do I Need A Cover For My Smartphone?

Most people spend hundreds of pounds on their smartphones and in recent years, smartphone owners have become very dependent on their gadgets. For many of us, the value of the phone is not the main thing that we want to protect, it is the value of its functions. So many people struggle to imagine everyday life without a constant connection to social media, email and Google. The ability to photograph what is around you and share it with friends is something which was unheard of just over a couple of decades ago whereas now, we take this for granted.

With our smartphones having so much personal value to us, protection is incredibly important. Many of us take pride in our smartphones and like to keep it in pristine condition. By keeping your mobile in perfect condition, you increase your chance of reselling it for a decent price when you purchase your new smartphone.

Phone covers provide shock absorption

Accidents happen. They most regularly happen when we’re least expecting it. How many times has your mobile fallen out of your hand onto a soft surface? Many. Its fine when this happens on a carpet or a sofa, but you never know when this will happen when out and about. Within a matter of seconds, your incredibly valuable gadget can be gone within the blink of an eye. A phone cover or case does not guarantee that your phone will be invincible, but it does increase its chance of surviving being dropped.

Phone cases provide your phone with all important shock absorption. Your phone has many intricate pieces of technology within it and these can easily become damaged by being dropped. Phone cases provide a little shock absorption which can be enough to save your phone from breaking. Although phone cases cannot guarantee to save your phone, it gives some reassurance.

Phone covers can protect from scratches

Scratches on your smartphone are not only unsightly, they also devalue your phone. When purchasing a new phone, you can trade your old one in for a decent price if it is in mint condition. It doesn’t take much to scratch the screen of a smart phone. Sometimes, dragging your phone on a miniscule piece of sand can cause a scratch. Screen protectors are available to protect the face of your phone from scratching. They are cheap to purchase and could significantly improve the value of your phone one day.

Reduce the effect of water damage

Water damage is one of the number one smartphone killers. Phones are surrounded by a number of ports which expose the innards of the phone. Most mobile phones now have a moisture strip built inside them so if your phone stops working, the manufacturer can work out whether you have caused the damage yourself with water or whether it is a manufacturing fault. If you’re heading on holiday and can’t bear to go to the pool or beach without your phone, consider purchasing a waterproof sheath or case to keep your phone free from water damage. 

Tim Bell is a tech whizz. He knows how importasnt it is to keep his smartphone protected, and bought his cover from www.taylorhe.co.uk.

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