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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why Your Business Should Adopt An Enterprise Messaging System

In order for a business to get ahead in this modern world, it needs to understand and incorporate current trends in data receiving, messaging and IT. Being left behind is a fear that all businesses have, but one way to ahead of the curve is to incorporate an enterprise messaging system into your businesses operation.

English: Architecture of Interactive Voice Res...
English: Architecture of Interactive Voice Response Systems Deutsch: Architektur von Interactive Voice Response Systems (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An enterprise messaging system is a platform that enables businesses to deploy fully-featured voice mail and messaging to their subscribers, who will in turn benefit from a more efficient messaging experience. It is designed for flexibility and ease of use, with a messaging platform that supports basic voice mail, unified messaging and interactive voice response technology.


The system enables your business to integrate all these messaging solutions into one system. One that supports multiple landline and mobile telephones into one single mailbox to ensure that access for customers is simple and effective, whether they are being alerted by voice, text message or email. By simplifying these tasks, your business cuts down on wasted time and resources, and your team can concentrate on more important tasks that will help to increase profits and keep customer service running at optimum levels.

The enterprise messaging system also offers a variety of revenue generating services for service differentiation, including call recording, family inbox, and conferencing, personal numbering, personalised messaging and speaking clock. The platform is incredibly versatile and simple to customise to suit the needs of your business and the infrastructure it operates under. This level of flexibility is vital in today’s business world, where technology advances like the wind and it is important to be one step ahead of the competition wherever possible.

It is important for every business to try and find new technologies that can help them improve the speed of their service and the decision-making of the business based on the data that they receive. The trends are pointing more and more towards cloud computing, encryption and virtualisation, and a business that doesn’t engage with these advances in the technological world are likely to get left behind.

EMS Systems

EMS systems allow for the quick evaluation and resolution of issues such as spam and viruses too, and these issues can cause major havoc for a business that isn’t aware of and prepared to tackle such issues. In being able to handle these issues, your business becomes stronger at the roots and ready to incorporate further changes and these systems develop over time. It also enables you to have more control over it, meaning that you won’t have to outsource any issues that may arise, which will in turn cost money and time to deal with, something that it priceless to any business, but particularly one that operates using these systems.

Optimizing your business with EMS systems will give your business the opportunity and the confidence to add applications as their messaging requirements change, and the future will be a lot brighter because you will be able to reduce operating expenses, increase efficiencies and save money down the road, something that businesses not incorporating EMS systems can say nor have the luxury of being able to do.

Katie Matthews is a Marketing Executive at C3 a specialist in multimedia platforms for mass call handling and interactive messaging services in the UK.  Katie writes about topics covering technical applications, managed hosting and communications systems for business.

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