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Monday, November 11, 2013

3 Things Your Company Gains by Using GPS for Fleet Tracking

Nationwide, the smartest fleet managers and dispatchers use GPS for fleet tracking because they realize that the more real-time information they have at their disposal, the more efficient and productive both they and their company can be. In any business, knowledge is power, and small adjustments can pay big dividends. The extra information you can gain by using a quality GPS setup can literally mean the difference between profitability and loss.

Tracking and Reporting
By using GPS for fleet tracking, you will have access to a number of reports heretofore not available for analysis. With most programs, the reporting is customizable for content and for interval. Get logistics information such as fuel consumption, miles and hours driven, and driver time-sheet. Get driving habit information such as speeding versus posted speed limits, incidents of rapid braking or acceleration, and even such esoteric information as time spent idling.

Location and Mapping
Not only will you have instant access to the precise current location of each one of the vehicles in your fleet, you will be able to call up historical, or "breadcrumb" data about any segment or point along the vehicle's route. 

Advanced features will allow you to input a specific address for landmark, at which point the software will be able to determine which of your vehicles is closest. Directions, and even Google maps with Street View, can be uploaded to the driver.

Fleet managers and dispatchers will be able to assign a different icon to each vehicle in the fleet that is currently on the road. This will allow a general understanding of the activity of the fleet at any given moment with just a glance. Management will be able to create and upload geo-fences and any desired marking landmarks. 

Perhaps the most useful customizable option is the ability to set the reporting interval. Most companies have automatic reporting occur 3 to 4 times a day at random times. With a reporting interval this large, information is often learned too late to be of any real benefit. The companies offering the best GPS combinations can offer much shorter intervals, perhaps even as often as every minute. Having the ability to obtain such real-time information can be very beneficial to management wanting to keep a close eye on individual drivers or routes. 

By using GPS for fleet tracking, companies can greatly reduce the incidence of human error, thereby increasing productivity and overall profits.

To find out more of GPS for fleet tracking, visit GPS Track It.

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