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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5Why CompTIA Mobile App Security+ for Android Is The Right Choice?

Competition in the field of information technology is very rampant and it is still very difficult to find an employment even if you have the right skills and abilities. To get a spot, it is very imperative to obtain a certification that will support your capabilities. Obtaining a certification is one of the best things to do. Receiving a certification from CompTIA is proven to be an effective way to boost your resume. This is because CompTIA is one of the well-recognized certification. CompTIA Mobile App Security+ is one of the newest certification applicable for professionals who wish to become part of the growing community of CompTIA. This is intended for professionals who want to validate their knowledge and skills in Mobile App Security.

Benefits After Passing the CompTIA Mobile App Security+ Exam

• One of the main benefits of CompTIA Mobile App Security+ is to receive bigger career opportunities. This certification will illustrate that employees are highly skilled and motivated in this field. As a matter of fact, many employers are looking for IT professionals who have the right skills and abilities.

• The successful candidate for this certification can have the opportunity to get a higher salary. Employees with great certification can surely get higher wages as compared to other professionals who does not have the same certification.

• The best thing about CompTIA certification is that even students can get this certification, meaning to say, any individual who has the right experience in CompTIA Mobile App Security can get this certification.

• The successful candidate can become an amazing asset in the company for acquiring the certification.

Topics of the CompTIA Mobile App Security Certification Exam

The following are the topics of CompTIA Mobile App Security Exam

• Mobile application security, SDLC, and threat models 18%

• Android SDK, APIs, and security feature 20% 

• Web service and network security 23%

• Data security and implementing encryption 23%

• Application hardening and reverse engineering 5%

• Secure Java coding 11%

Ways on How to Pass the CompTIA Mobile App Security+ Exam

To obtain CompTIA certifications, passing the CompTIA Mobile App Security+ certification is the only way. To be sure that you can get the certification, the interested candidate must be able to get the right tools and materials when preparing for the exam.

Before you get any study materials whether it is CDs, Pdfs and journals, make sure to know the exam’s topic and objectively. When you are familiar with the topics and objectives, it will surely help you pass.

Attending the Self test training for CompTIA Mobile App Security+ exam is also an effective method to do to have more chance to pass. As you know, trainings will not just help you pass but it will improve your understanding about the technology.

The use or practice test is also an effective way to be sure that you can pass the CompTIA Mobile App Security certification exam. Passing the exam is your main ticket to assure that you can have a great career in the industry despite the competition.

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