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Monday, November 25, 2013

6 Ways Cloud Hosting Helps To Keep Your Files Safe?

It has been estimated that the total number of cloud service users worldwide will touch 623 million in 2014. So asking if cloud hosting is safe doesn’t quite have a nice ring to it. The real question is how cloud hosting manages to keep your files safe?
Now, I hope you won’t be fazed with the jargon affiliated with cloud hosting. What businesses need to understand is that data safety doesn’t magically appear. It is an arduous hard fought reality, which cloud hosting makes possible.

Here’s how cloud hosting works its magic:

1. Exemplary Encryption

A cloud storage organization will have uncountable customers and millions of servers and so naturally will have a huge technical staff which will have access to almost all the data stored within the company. So, the need of encryption becomes more than ever. The keys are kept with the service end user and so discreetness is successfully maintained.

Encryption mitigates the risk of unauthorized access which can be incorporated with the use of on-premises equipment. This safeguards data as it is travelling to and fro within the cloud.

2. Life-saving backups

Cloud based backups are as close to 100% security as you’ll ever come in this godforsaken adulterated cyber-world. These comprise of servers that remotely connect to your PC through the web.

Data is always stored off-cloud and is redundantly copied at various locations across multiple servers so no matter what happens; your data will be retrieved. It also aids in virus protection. The backup software detects any virus prior to data being sent and such harmful files are flagged and deleted.
The best attribute about a cloud based backup is that it has UNLIMITED storage. Period!

3. View your files anywhere

Post backing up, you can view your files from any web browser or from your cell phone or tablet anywhere in the world. This has given portability a whole new dimension. 

4. Security is the utmost concern

Cloud hosting providers realize how crucial this is for the customers and hence they spare no expense in bringing you satisfaction at any cost. This is achieved by hardcore enterprise level firewalls, multiple redundancies, top class anti-virus tools and 24X7 monitored data centers.

5. Following international protocol

Your data on a cloud is widespread across the world. So, cloud hosting providers make sure that your data travels safe and sound complying to all the different international norms. Every country has different privacy standards and following protocol is the only plausible option.

6. Know your role in keeping your data safe

One common mistake that the users make is that they feel as soon as they have hired a cloud hosting service provider, their job is finished when it comes to security. It is only with the uninhibited cooperation of both the user and the hosting provider that a maximum security dream can be realized.
If you still can find room for paranoia, at least keep your personal and corporate information separate which is known as damage limitation.


Cloud hosting security begins at home just like charity. Pick a hosting provider who can not only provide optimum security measures, but who is also sensitive to your data needs, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Most of your security concerns about cloud hosting can possibly be blamed upon illogical fears due to loss of control instead of legitimate threats.
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