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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Construction Software Simplifies Project Management

It’s never easy to run a project - and run it smoothly - from start to finish. Every project, no matter the size or budget, is often faced with a few hiccups now and then. Unfortunately, without organization and reliable leadership, small snags along the road can easily turn into full-fledged disasters. Effective planning, clear communication, flexibility and foresight are all particularly important in the construction industry. The role of a project manager is to ensure that, to the best of their ability, a building project wraps without serious complications. 

Construction software is an ideal way to help project managers remain on top of their duties, remain organized and all-in-all simplify their work. Business technologies geared towards small and medium-sized firms are affordable, innovative solutions. Utilizing the impressive cloud platform, businesses interested in acquiring quality, high-powered programming to assist in their day-to-day work no longer need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure or computer servers, but merely need to log-on to a secure web-browser based hub. The cloud platform makes business technologies affordable and accessible. 

Pushing the boundaries of business technology even further, many companies are experimenting with mobile platforms in order to truly keep business at your fingertips. More importantly, however, is how a company can benefit from project management software. With that in mind, here are four ways construction companies can better their business dealings.

  1. Drawing management: What is a construction job without blueprints? Knowing that visual blueprints are essential for any job, construction software includes drawing management, which allows people to share and revise outlines and images. In addition, the drawing tool allows people to review all amendments made to a blueprint, as well as organize and split drawings as necessary.

  2. Improved communication: Software creates a central hub for all involved parties to remain up-to-date on changes and delays regarding a project. Easily share schedules, send out alerts and staff-wide emails and keep daily logs which detail weather conditions and how they may affect the day’s work. Additionally, construction software includes important request-for-information tools, which allow for prompt investigations into different areas of a project. Simplified RFIs ultimately mean better inter-company communication, improved transparency and accountability.

  3. Contract collaboration: Vital to any project is a clear, well-defined contract which details the roles, expectations and responsibilities of all parties involved. Construction jobs require collaboration with multiple parties, from architects to specialist contractors, to property owners and material suppliers; with so many people involved, it’s important to have an avenue for discussion and review. Cloud-based programming allows various people, no matter their location, to modify, assess and finalize contracts.

  4. Interactive, up-to-date punch lists: Similar to to-do lists, punch lists detail what needs to be done and by whom. With construction software, project managers can keep track of schedules, building timelines and costs, helping ensure that work is finished when it needs to be.
Project managers have difficult jobs and need a substantial support system to help streamline their everyday tasks. Construction software may be just what they’ve been looking for.

Marrisa is a long-time tech writer with particular experience in project management. She knows the ins and outs of the intricacies of managing large-scale projects. She is always thrilled when she finds a site like procore.com to review and recommend. 

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