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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Data Breaches Affect Valuable Information

Data and security breaches do not just affect your business; they also have a direct impact on your customers and associates as well. Whether it is through stolen payment information, leaked passwords or a form of hacking, data breaches compromise the privacy of your customers and can potentially cause your business a loss of money and resources. According to a recent report, however, the cost of a data breach continues to decline for businesses. It is estimated that outsiders perpetrate 92 percent of breaches while seven percent involved multiple parties. These occur most often due to weak credentials, such as passwords that are easy to guess, or stolen login information from a database. Over half of all attacks involve some form of hacking. In order to prevent these attacks from happening to your business and consumers it is important to look into the security of your servers and information so that all of your vital data is protected at all times. You can learn more about data breaches and trends by reading through the infographic below.

Written by IT Creations, a company an independent wholesale distributor of high-end servers and components in Los Angeles.

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