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Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Brush your Android Smartphone and put it to good use

Nowadays, android is the flagship of the electronic industry and it takes the 70% share of the smartphone market. Accompanied by it’s growing up step-by-step, more and more people begin to accept android phone and slowly be tied to it. However, as the update of its operating system is frequent, many users want to upgrade their Android to the latest version from the official and put it to good use. This article we show android users an easy way to tell them how to brush their Android smartphones all by themselves at ease.

Firstly, we should know something about ROM. What is brushing ROM? ROM is "Read only memory" and it is usually written simply “ROM”. It is just can be read only and you cannot deleted it or destroy it. It is used to protect our mobile phone operating system or other important files from damage or corruption…this article we exactly use the method of brushing ROM to refresh our smart phone. In brief, it is just like reinstall your computer system and get new features and new user experience, also fixing system defects.

Step-by-step guide for android user to refresh your Android smartphone by brushing ROM

Step 1: Download the ROM that you want to brush, and then copy the downloaded ROM files to the SD card root directory.

Step 2: Press and hold on the “Volume key” + “HOME screen key”+ the “POWER button”. When there is a boot screen (about 5 seconds), release all the buttons immediately.

Step 3: First, select “wipe data/factory reset——Yes——delete all user data”. And then choose “wipe cache partition——Yes-Wipe Cache”. (Note: use the “volume button” to select and the “power button” to confirm.) 

Step 4: Then use volume button to select “install zip from sd card” and then hit the “power button” to determine.

Step 5: Choose "choose zip from sdcard" again to select the ROM file from the SD card.

Step 6: Wait till the progress bar finish and then go back to select “Reboot system now”. Then you android phone will restart automatically. That’s all!

Now, you can enjoy the your favorite Android system on your android phone. With it you'll get more wonderful functions or features. As a result, our android phone function gets more comprehensive, perfect and stable. Try it yourself, you will find it is not so difficult or complex to brush Android.

Jerry Brown is a writer of  DRM-assistant.com . This site provides readers with compact, practical,
green computer software, mobile apps and useful tips, tutorials, etc. You are welcome to this site for more practical computer knowledge.

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