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Sunday, November 10, 2013

It Fits In Your Hand Like A Glove - I'm Talking About The IPad Mini!

When the tablets came to the fore, the competition and main selling point was the size, weight and clarity. When Apple came up with the iPad 1, everyone thought that any future developments would come with the same size or bigger. However, market dynamics changed so fast when people started to prefer tablets that were easy to hold on their hand and go about with their day-to-day business.

Business dynamics say when the competition beats you to the punch; you had better have something that would catch him off guard. Everyone who looks at how the tablets are moving in the market knows that Samsung note and Samsung tablets were slowly taking over because they were the first Android tablets ever produced; someone at Apple must have had sleepless nights. The good thing is that these sleepless nights brought about what would be at the time, the first hand held tablet.

Thus, the iPad Mini was born; it became an instant hit with people who had busy schedules and needed to have something small and light enough to carry around. Not only this, most of these executives had the iPhone, and they needed somewhere they can do the same things they do on their iPhones, only better. This was the best tablet in the market; and it could only get better.

It is all iPad Minimized

It had been an expansive market before the iPad Mini was conceived. The iPad one to three had already taken root with the customer base and it was becoming rather redundant to have three products that did not seem to move. It was at this time that Apple launched the iPad Mini, it was fresh, it was new and small enough to hold with one hand; for most people.

The iPad Mini became exactly what Apple had promised. It can do everything all other iPad can do it is only smaller. It came in two varieties, the WIFI and cellular versions and some that have both capabilities using the cellular and WIFI capabilities. This means that you can carry it world over even away from your Cellular Network coverage and still be able to keep in touch with friends, clients and family through WIFI.

It has the capability to hold more than three hundred thousand applications without compromising performance and this means that you can personalize it to great lengths.

The display thrills me

When it went mainstream, people knew that Apple would produce the most elegant screen ever seen on tablets; and they did not disappoint. When it came to the iPad Mini, people did not know what exactly to expect until it came out with the same wow factor carried by their products.

The iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch screen or display that has true colors and has a clear, eye friendly LED backlight that adjusts with the surrounding. This enhances your experience by giving you all the applications in a brightness never seen before.

To make it even far ahead than the nearest competition, Apple have added the retina display to the new batch of iPad Minis and it will not be known as the iPad Mini retina display. This screen offers you unrivalled display. This is a major reason to consider buying one of the many iPad Mini cases to protect your iPad Mini and ensure that it is protected in case it falls or someone scratches it.

Sleek and sexy are the buzzing words

Marketers have fallen upon a gold mine; the current market is different from any other market that has ever been there. Before, the only thing that mattered is the value and the work of the product. Today, those two aspects have been surpassed by sex; this generation will buy anything that has sex appeal.

Consequently, companies are busy designing things that will appeal to the market sexually. It is not hard to find someone describe the iPad Mini as sexy because of its sleek nature and design. It is thin, light and has that distinct Apple design with two colors available. It is more than fifty percent lighter than all other iPad and can be easily carried without worry plus it is pocket friendly with prices that are worth it.

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