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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Top Five Reasons You Should Use A Headset

Many of us spend time working in public places, such as a coffee shop, or have to work in a busy and bustling environment, such as a call center. Therefore, you’ll be aware of how important the environment is in terms of acoustics and actually being able to hear what you are doing, whether online or working via the telephone. 

You need to maintain a connection and come across as professional as possible, and this involves being able to understand what you are specifically listening to. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that if you are working with a laptop or a phone that you should be using a headset. It must be said that there is a huge choice of headsets available on the market and often it can be difficult to know what type of headset you should choose. In this post you will be introduced to the factors you can expect from a quality headset.
A quality headset will provide both safety and comfort and should fit comfortably onto your ears. You will also find that wearing a quality headset will dramatically reduce the amount of stress you put on your neck and shoulders. In fact, literally thousands of employees each and every year have to take time off work simply because they have sustained some type of strain injury, typically associated with working on the phone or with a computer. A quality headset is therefore essential for anyone who spends a lot of time on the phone.


You can dramatically reduce the amount of noise that both you and the person you are speaking to can hear. There are many headsets now on the market that actually help to drown out the numerous noises around you, which will provide a far more efficient and professional conversation with a prospective client.

Volume Gain

Most quality headsets will encompass an automatic volume gain, which means that no matter how loud the environment is around you the person on the other end of the phone can precisely hear every word you say. Once again, this will lead to a more professional call and can save you from losing business just because the other person couldn’t understand what you were saying.


Many of us have to make regular VoIP calls, whether this is for business or pleasure. You can vastly improve the acoustic quality of this type of call by using a quality headset. You no longer have to rely on the microphone and speakers of your laptop, which again will improve the overall quality of the call.

You can insulate yourself from your surroundings, especially if there is a lot going on in your workplace or the environment within which you are sitting. In fact, you are creating the perfect acoustic environment for you personally, which not only helps when conducting business, but also if you are simply listening to something such as an audio recording or even music.

As mentioned, there is a vast array of headsets for you to choose from and your decision will typically come down to personal preference. You will also find that there are a variety of price ranges, so you can purchase a quality headset no matter what your budget.

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The author of this post is Peter Reeves, an employee at Headsets Online, leading suppliers of office headsets. Peter loves reading about latest technologies and playing online role playing games.

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